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joi, 16 februarie 2012

Jingdong Mall accounts were stolen brush frequently as a result of the disclosure of account

Jingdong Mall accounts were stolen brush frequently as a result of the disclosure of account

by Jerri Lily

Jingdong Mall customers' personal accounts were stolen brush, although Jingdong clarify the end of last year the case of CSDN which has nothing to do, but the number of consumers account were stolen brush. This phenomenon, Jingdong Mall official said yesterday, after a preliminary investigation, Jingdong Mall account was stolen brush, includes user accounts, passwords, most of the other sites in the disclosure of information with the user.

The end of last year, after the leak of user data about CSDN and End of the World community, the Internet industry worried. Similarly, in the most important user data field of electricity providers, but also constant reports of loopholes, user information has been leaked the news.

"After hacking account analysis found, the majority of stolen user password settings are too simple, many users are still multiple websites using the same username, password, once a Web site to information disclosure, the user accounts on other sites The information would be difficult to ensure safety. "

Jingdong Mall officials said the company has one-on-one communication user and account risk, Jingdong recommend that users set the password more complex. "We also provide users with account security features service, the users are shopping with mobile email validation, payment passwords and other security and authentication features will be protected the funds and accounts of the user's security."

Qin network security experts have warned that Internet users respond to the password to the decentralized management, personal mailbox, online payment, chat account shall be separately set a password, and change the password on a regular basis in order to avoid the individual site databases leaked affected individuals more than one account site information security.

The experts said that, in particular, need to pay attention, work address should not be used to register network account in order to avoid the disclosure will endanger the user's corporate information security.

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