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vineri, 24 februarie 2012

Main Responsibilities and Salary Of an Office Manager

Main Responsibilities and Salary Of an Office Manager

by Todd Johnsen

General overview

An office supervisor has to generally manage and also monitor the administrative actions in the firm he works in, as a way to ease its functioning. He must execute a number of administrative and technological tasks which change, depending on the firm where he works. Yet just as much as these responsibilities vary, each and every office manager has to make sure that his workplace operates successfully.

While managers working in smaller offices may have more responsibilities, from organizing and training other members from the personnel to buying products and being in charge of the organizational issues, those working in bigger companies may just need to focus on more specific duties, such as hiring new individuals or implementing various management guidelines.

* Work related tasks

An office supervisor is mainly responsible with planning and coordinating different office operations or techniques, in a way that an organizational performance and usefulness at the office may be ensured. In addition to maintaining office services, he has to additionally supervise the office staff which is under his authority.

The primary activities an office supervisor must carry out consist of designing and applying office policies, maintaining office equipment, establishing different requirements and methods, cooperating with different groups, agencies and organizations, coordinating office operations and conferences as a way to clarify some problems the other employees may have, managing the office personnel, examining and granting supply products requisitions, planning timetables and handling messages. Furthermore, in what regards the staff, an office manager needs to assign them various duties and also monitor their performance, train and discipline the team members, as well, hire new ones whenever it is necessary, guide, teach and supervise them.

* Training and education

In order to become office supervisors, people aren't required for special education. People are generally chosen for this job from the employees already doing work in the management area or are employed by organizations due to their office practical experience. However, there might be firms that only search to hire people who have graduated from community colleges or from technical high schools that are known to provide courses and instruction in the office administration field. Furthermore, companies could also search for people who have followed certificate programs in areas such as desktop publishing, accounting, transcription, office supervision, finance and records management.

Overall, what an individual needs to become an office manager is knowledge in office management or in human resource supervision. Moreover, when competing for an office manager career, an individual must also have the ability of maintaining an advanced level of precision in preparing, controlling and delivering information and have computer, social, analytical and organizational skills. He must pay attention to details, resistant to stress and capable of managing time properly.

* Salary and wages

The salaries office managers get fluctuate significantly, based on the location they're working in and their training or prior experience in the field. In accordance with a number of studies carried out by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, it appears that the median wage an office manager gains is of $47,000 annually. It appears that the smallest might be of $36,000 and the maximum of $60,000.

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