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sâmbătă, 4 februarie 2012

Microsoft announced the marketing department reduced the staff about 200

Microsoft announced the marketing department reduced the staff about 200

by Jerri Lily

When the part of the marketing department has the reorganization plan, Microsoft today notified about 200 employees who they would be laid off. Maybe this action is that the company protects its own benefits and the operating system, the financial crises influenced all kinds of industries, no matter what company you are, and the influence will come into being your company, so the company must take the respective protection measure for it.

This round layoffs is the part of Microsoft reorganization plan of the marketing department, the goal is to reduce redundancies, clarity products division marketing department and marketing team's responsibility to expand the influence of marketing activities.

About 200 staff was laid off from a marketing team that is 6,000 people formed from Microsoft's worldwide. This round of layoffs primarily affected those websites include Windows, Office, Server and Tools, online services and Windows Phone products sector, and the company's marketing department. Perhaps this round of layoff will affect the Microsoft own, but this wise action is their system.

Microsoft said in a statement, "Given the rapid changes in science, technology and customer contact that changes with Microsoft, for Microsoft's success, the best marketing is more important than ever, we will take steps to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of marketing activities, including the reduction of mass marketing positions, and to make resource allocation more in line with business needs, clarify the responsibilities of different marketing positions." And this laid-off will bring the chance for the employee to encourage them to work harder than before. And the laid-off staff will have more chance to do their business respectively.

Affected by this action, a Microsoft marketing manager, said the layoffs involve different marketing positions planning, product marketing, management and business development, including impact administrators and general manager, including the different levels of employees. Those laid-offs have the rich experience to competent the other job.

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