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sâmbătă, 11 februarie 2012

Moving From Past To Present With Medical Scrubs

Moving From Past To Present With Medical Scrubs

by Adriana Noton

Surgeries have been practiced since ancient civilization. As barbaric as the procedures were, they often were able to save a persons life if they survived the surgery. What was not known, was that without the use of medical scrubs cross contamination of bacteria could cause infections so severe it caused the patients demise and sometimes a physicians illness.

We also note, throughout history, that procedures were performed with the surgeon and assistants wearing nothing but the clothes they wore for the day. Bodily fluids would cause of numerous stains, so the wearing of aprons came into use. After a time it became known that the spread of bacteria to the patient played a major role in recovery, so specialized wear for the surgeon was adapted.

When it was told amongst the medical profession that surgeons and their assistants needed to cover themselves to stop the bacterial spread, the first scrubs came on the scene. They were not much to look off because they seemed too large for the biggest of men. They got in the way due to rolled up sleeves, and lengths that were much too long. The same white that personified sterility and cleanliness proves to be fatiguing and hard on the eyes. The white also made a horrific background for the spatters of blood that often came in contact with the scrubs.

The surgical suites of today find the doctors and their attendants dressed in green which is a much better color for surgical procedures. Not needed in other area of the hospital, allowed for the many options seen today. In both hospitals and doctors offices, the outfits worn by the professionals are becoming and trendy.

As well as being attractive, the medical wear of today is even available with anti-microbial properties. It is a great aid in protecting both the patient and the professional from being contaminated with bacteria. The ones worn today supply the utmost in fashion and comfort, while supplying a great need in regard to sterility.

Still, most outfits are made up of plain cotton that is easy to clean and needs little if no pressing. These eye pleasing uniforms are all that is required in most medical settings. The one size fits all variety has evolved into specifically sized clothing that will fit the petite as nicely as the tall woman. Other varieties are cut to suit the male body as well. They have become so accepted, they are seen everywhere that professionals work.

Shopping for scrubs has become pure joy as the selection is so varied. Colors and prints abound and suit every possible taste. The traditional vee neck is still available but also is the square and fitted necklines for women, and mesh has been added to the vee neck for the male.

Gone are the days of the stark whites that seemed to instill the threat of painful procedures. Today's medical scrubs have evolved into a uniform that is graphically adorned with every possible number of prints or characters. What used to only be worm in a hospital setting can now be worn as street wear. The individual personality of each medical professional is allowed to be seen by all.

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