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sâmbătă, 18 februarie 2012

New Lists Of Texas Public Marriage Records Search

New Lists Of Texas Public Marriage Records Search

by Henry Louis

It is a wonderful experience to meet your partner in life in the exciting state of Texas. The Lone Star State has a recorded population of 25 million in 2010. This greatly improves the chances of finding the predestined partner in the populace. Getting married in this state will be one of the most memorable scenes you will surely treasure. Your file will then be included among the thousands of Texas Marriage Records documented once you are married in any county of Texas.
A marriage license signifies the commitment between you and your partner made during your wedding day. This license will attest that you are legally married in the state. The certificate contains the names of the couples with their signatures. Other details include the date of the wedding, the venue, and their witnesses. Public documents, such as marriage records, can be obtained by making a request in the county clerk office. The husband and wife can use this legal document for their respective legal purposes.
The Department of State Health and Services office issues verification letters of marriage in the State of Texas. The said office does not provide legal certificates of marriage. True copies of such public document can only be obtained in the office of county clerk where marriage license was recorded. The office can provide verification letters for marriage recorded from the year 1966. It was during this year where marriages in Texas were filed in State Offices.
Verification letters of marriages can be obtained by any person. You can get your own verification letter at the Department of State Health and Services in two options. Either you personally walk into the office or send a request letter addressed to the mentioned government agency. The process of requesting begins by getting an application form personally at Texas Vital Statistics Office in Austin. Otherwise, you can download the application from the website of the office. There is a processing fee of $20 for every copy requested. Instructions will be given by the Vital Statistics Office of Texas or otherwise it is stated in the request form.
The processing time for your requested verification letters will vary according to the method of request. It will take 30 to 120 minutes to wait for the results. The office will let you come back in their specified time in case the issue of the document will take longer than the expected time. It will be 3:30 in the afternoon or 10:30 in the morning the following day from your requested date. The waiting time for requests made through mails will be six to eight weeks and the payment is made through checks or money orders and not in cash. The fees in checks must be payable to the Department of State Health and Services.
Many things are done quickly through the modernization of society today. Online searching of documents is possible with the assistance of technology. You can view information, search Public Marriage Records and even meet your soon-to-be partner in life by using the worldwide web. Government agencies in every state have their respective internet websites to conveniently serve their people. People can gain access on how to avail of their services through some guidelines and updates shown in the website of offices.

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