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marți, 21 februarie 2012

Professional Camcorder Microphone Rode NTG2

Professional Camcorder Microphone Rode NTG2

by Abe Schaefer

One of the biggest challenges amateur filmmakers face is the challenge of creating high quality sound recordings. No matter how good your videography may be, it will likely lack in quality if the sound recordings that accompany it are of a poor quality. For this reason, you should take time to learn about the various recording devices you can buy to make your video recordings of a professional grade. A camcorder microphone Rode NTG2 for instance can clean up your recordings and even give you the ability to create voice-overs for all of your video productions.

There are numerous reasons why this particular recording device is better than stock and aftermarket devices. Not only does this product come with technologies capable of improving the quality of the sounds you record, but it also comes with technologies that are designed to eliminate background noise as well. These advanced features can make even the most inexperienced amateur's recordings of the highest quality possible too.

This microphone differs from stock devices that come with most camcorders today due to the sound enhancing technologies it comes with. Rather than simply being a device capable of picking up sound waves of any frequency, this microphone is designed to record a specific range of frequencies to ensure only dialogue and other important sounds are recorded.

Through the use of this recording technology, you will now be able to record in places you would otherwise not be able to record in. Settings such as your car, crowded areas, and even concerts can now be recorded with ease without extensive distortion from background noise pollution affecting the finished product.

This feature alone can greatly reduce the amount of background noise you pick up while recording, but other features such as the wind screen can also greatly enhance your recordings. Without features such as a wind screen, your sound recordings would be disrupted by air hitting the microphone. This type of distortion can make other recorded sounds unintelligible and even at times quite annoying.

The NTG2 has also been designed to be highly versatile. Its lightweight design permits videographers to place it directly on top of their video cameras to make it incredibly easy for anyone to capture professional quality sound. Along with being designed to sit on top of video cameras, this device can also be mounted to boom poles to create an easy to use and lightweight sound recording setup.

The camcorder microphone Rode NTG2 is a must have for amateur and professional videographers. Whether you are creating home movies, or you are creating professional quality productions, you will likely want to record the highest quality sounds possible. You can do just that through the use of this device.

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