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duminică, 12 februarie 2012

Project Gotham Racing 5 Expected to be Released With The New Xbox 720

Project Gotham Racing 5 Expected to be Released With The New Xbox 720

by Matt Aubry

Gamers could have not watched the Project Gotham Racing name for very some time yet it is thought that the game name could be consisted of in the upcoming Xbox 720. The console is assumed to have a Project Gotham Racing 5 shortly after the 720 is discharged to the public next year. For those that are able to not wait for the game, they will definitely need to stick by having the Project Gotham Racing 4 for the time being.

OXM is apparently planning to make an announcement of the game on its March edition as one of the many game titles to be part of the <a href="http://www.thetechlabs.com/tech-news/new-xbox-720/">Xbox 720</a>. A lot of game developers are amazed with the rumor simply because the Forza Motorsport game titles have done so remarkably well in the market that the Project Gotham Racing is ideal enough to be brought up.

This is the reason why the game title was brought up possibly because Microsoft is looking for new developers to create new game titles. The possibility of the PGR 5 is still being in question since it is expected the latest installment will likely not come in the Xbox 360 console. There is an impression that the game is still in the works and a possible announcement of the game can be made sometime this June.

The PGR may not be a bad notion to be tossed around because the 3rd installation of the PGR succeeded when it was debut at the same time by having the Xbox 360. Not a bunch of web sites are eager to pair the PGR to the Xbox 360 because it is most likely that the brand-new Xbox will definitely be matched for the name. Game lovers are stating the PGR 5 will definitely be competing with Grid 2.

New video gaming names this year is something everyone is expecting and it is thought that both the PGR franchise and the Grid will definitely be making their return.

Matt Aubry writes news for a well-known tech blog. Visit it now for more details on the upcoming Xbox 720, <a href="http://www.thetechlabs.com/tech-news/sony-playstation-4/">PlayStation 4</a> and <a href="http://www.thetechlabs.com/tech-news/nintendo-wii-u/">Nintendo Wii U</a>.

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