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marți, 14 februarie 2012

Safeguard Your Gold from the One Macro Wonder

Safeguard Your Gold from the One Macro Wonder

by Darron Kocab

Gold is really a renowned item in the World of Warcraft. Wow means Warcraft which is a popular on-line video game. A lot of people like this game because of the challenge in the game. Wow gold is the currency utilized in the game to buy numerous things. This game is developed by the entertainment company named Blizzard. The game has been popular over time. There are about 9 million players in the game since year 2000.

The macro is very clever so that it only interrupts when a spell is being cast. It will make a pummel and mind freeze. You can replace the pummel with anything. My friend who plays the warrior character was trying this bad out on me. If I am to fake this macro I had to cast and cancel my cure prior to the cast bar came up. From then on, a lot of people start to use this on me.

I could recall many counters spells before I got caught. I am not familiar with the macro yet. But I have talked to the people who have experience in it. They told me that it is possible to use the macro to turn your game play as one button fest. You can set all your abilities first and the macro will use the one cool down.

It will choose the abilities for you automatically. You can interrupt to lock anybody out without flaw. All the things will be done within one button. What is the most important thing in World of Warcraft for getting a high power level? As we both know, that is World of Warcraft gold.

Then you will learn to be an alchemy apprentice. Next what you will do is turn to the alchemy suppliers near the trainer. You should purchase some extra materials from the supplier and begin to train your alchemy profession. It will be easy to level your alchemy profession to level 60.

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