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vineri, 10 februarie 2012

Small Businesses And How They Can Attract New Customers

Small Businesses And How They Can Attract New Customers

by Judy Miller

One of the biggest challenges that any small business faces is finding creative ways to attract new customers. Without the marketing clout of a Fortune 500 brand, it's hard to get the word out about a product or service. Yet, with so much competition in the marketplace, a business can't afford not to.

The most effective marketing campaigns include a combination of different media. The more likely a potential customer will remember seeing a brand if it is from a TV, radio, newspapers and online. But with small businesses, they tend to rely primarily on local print and Yellow Pages advertising because they believe TV advertising is out of their reach.

To make TV advertising easy and affordable, there are now new companies that use certain technology. Unique ads with a variety of prices depending on what type and size of ad you want are offered by these companies. By putting the entire process online, these agencies can provide a complete TV ad campaign for as little as $500 a month.

Creating the campaign takes just a few days. Clients log on to a web site and select an ad from a library of thousands of professionally produced ads to start off. The agency will use its proprietary technology and create a customized media plan once it has personalized the ad with the business' specific information. Then, clients will be able to advertise on any broadcast and cable channel available, such as CNN, ESPN and Lifetime. Once the client approves the ad and the media plan, the agency gets it on air.

Here are five important tips to creating an effective marketing campaign.

Understand your audience and the messages that will resonate with them. Very different than a campaign that is geared to teens is a campaign geared towards homeowners.

Pick a campaign to fit your objectives. If a campaign will raise brand awareness, then it will need different strategy than one to promote a new product or sale.

Be sure to choose an ad that reflects your company's brand values and image.

Check to make sure that it is easy to understand. People are actually thinking of other things when they do see your ad. You shouldn't make them think. Make them act instead.

Through a sustained marketing campaign, you can invest in your company's growth. Advertising works over the long term by increasing awareness of your company among new customers and serving as a reminder to your existing customers.

You may be a professional, a retailer or a service provider, but even so television advertising can fit into your budget and be an essential part of your marketing activities.

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