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sâmbătă, 4 februarie 2012

Tips on How to Find The Best Laptops

Tips on How to Find The Best Laptops

by Audry Gombos

1. Price. You have to have a fixed budget when planning to buy a laptop because in case you don't know, laptops are more expensive compared to their counterparts. Once you identify your budget, then you need to stick to it.

2. Size Laptops come in different screen size and thickness. So, if you require portability, then you can buy a smaller one around 10 inches wide. But, if you will be working in a fixed place and only requires lesser portability, then you can choose the 15-19 inch laptops.

3. Brand There are a lot of laptop brands in the market but those that are already proven includes DELL, HP, LENOVO and ASUS. These brands does not have much trouble when it comes to computer breakdowns.

Now that you have a basic understanding of the aesthetic part and company guarantee of laptops, the following list will help you find the best laptop for your need, so read on.

1.Central Processor Unit (CPU): The CPU refers to the speed of your laptop and is measured in GHZ. Now, if you are going to use your laptop doing some basic stuff only, then there's no problem with a lower GHZ but if you will be using it in gaming or graphics or videos, then you should opt for a faster CPU.

2.Memory Cards: Most laptops today only have 2GB memory but it's not a problem for an average user. Nevertheless, when you want to open many programs at once and still require your laptop to run fast, a higher memory is what suits you.

3.Hard Drive: Most laptops today has a built-in hard drive which ranges from 80GB to 160GB but if you require much downloading and saving of files, you can find a good 400GB hard drives out there.

4.Operating System (OS): Operating System is the base software that runs on your laptop. There are many OS out there but the most used are Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS X which only runs on Apple computers, and Linux.

5.Wireless network card: This refers to a card which will allow you to detect and connect to an internet wireless connection.

6.Optical Disk Drive: Notebooks and netbook computers don't have any optical disk drives so don't buy those if you require your unit to have an optical disk drive.

There are still more features of a laptop that I haven't discussed here but this list is a tutorial of the basic features that you should look for in a laptop. By reading the Best Rated Laptops Guide above, you should now know about the kind of laptop that you would want to purchase.

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