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joi, 23 februarie 2012



by Carlo Iacono

There are many discussions about the importance of incoming links many SEO experts are trying to know them, as many would call it "link".

Making your schemes for the SEO when establishing your industry is not the task of the corporation solely however you also have a role in this. Nearly all of the page proprietors produce alike faults whenever they employ an SEO business. The main problem they are having is to go for firms which ask for lower cost and the truth is that they would still able to pay even more higher for the reason that they will have to get the support of other firms. However, the expertise of the SEO firm would be nothing since there are really website possessors that make-believe they are knowledgeable enough basing on some recommendations they have leaf through and go over the tasks done by the firm. Let us put it this way, if you are expert of this field, then what is the reason why you have to employ the support of SEO firm? The following error they have committed is giving the entire management to the SEO.

What are Links?

As a whole, many search engine optimization users talks of "links", it would simply mean that a link from another website going to your company's site.

Well, can you trust these websites? A fundamental rule in SEO link building states that the particular site should be trustworthy and has commonalities with your site as well.

Usual links that can be trusted by many:

Universities or colleges; your business could have a relationship with them

Association and organizations that your company or employees are members of

Local business groups or chambers

The local versions of major search engines

Some of the comparatively unknown but reputable business-and industry- related directories

Commercially-related publications and new sites

Based on the perspective of an SEO link builder, useless links should come from:

Avoid those site s that offer give you thousand of links in just a few days

Some sites scrape articles, contents and directory listings from other websites, also called stealing.

Programs that extend pay-per-click to sites

All sites that belong to your company or owned by, also associated as parent or sister sites

How coould this be?

Naturally for those business minded people it is a great advantage to be associated with sites that fall under one owner. Even so, it is true that you can't get an SEO boost from them.

The reason is that when a site or link gets to connect with yours, search engine will consider a vote for your website. For those valuable links however, it will automatically be counted as votes by the search engines because there is no other reason why they linked with you is but they like your site.

Having all this, if a link do enter in your site that comes from a parent company's site will not be counted as vote for SEO link building purposes, the link is biased and the vote will be deemed invalid.

With this simple reasons we are able to realize why incoming links to your website are important, rather than links from your site to somewhere else. When many links go into your sites given that they come from a reputable this would mean that your website is credible, has value and can be trusted.

Enter in <a href="http://www.facebook.com/thehoth">the hoth</a> into Bing Search; do you find what you need?

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