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miercuri, 1 februarie 2012

Useful Window Washing Tips For Homeowners

Useful Window Washing Tips For Homeowners

by Adriana Noton

Home maintenance can take a lot out of a person, especially if he or she has many other responsibilities to deal with. Certainly, it is a time consuming process, unless you are on top of it. Below, you will find useful housekeeping and window washing tips for homeowners that are more suitable to the lifestyles people are leading these days.

Keeping the home tidy is crucial. The following should be done on a daily basis to avoid letting things get away from you. Every morning, make your beds. Before going to sleep put clothes, toys, and other items away. Make sure all your dishes are washed and that your kitchen and bathroom counters are sparkling.

This will keep things orderly and minimize the amount of time you need to clean your home on cleaning day. So, regardless of which day you have set aside each week for cleaning day, you will only need to be required to thoroughly clean the bathroom, dust, vacuum, and mop. Cleaning day should also involve wiping windows with products made for glass surfaces.

This can be called surface cleaning. However, every week, one room should be thoroughly cleaned, basically known as cleaning. You may be required to spend about an hour focusing on that one particular space, possibly moving furniture, and getting to hard to reach places.

When this is done, there is obviously no reason to turn your home upside down when spring comes along. Of course, when focusing closely on cleaning one room, window washing would be required. As this is done every few weeks, there is very little involved. There will not be a huge amount of dirt or debris trapped within the frame. That means that within a few minutes, patio doors and windows will be sparkling clean.

In other words, you will not have to dedicate an entire weekend or two simply to clean these excessively dirty openings. Furthermore, your home will look fabulous at all times. It is still easy to maintain a home like this, that you may not even need cleaning services. Imagine how much money you can save if you can get yourself organized enough to follow these simple instructions.

The process of washing windows involves vacuuming the frames thoroughly. Then, it is a matter of preparing a mild solution with a multipurpose cleanser and warm water. With a rag, wipe down the frames until they are perfectly cleaned. Have a long narrow all object to help you get in between difficult areas of the frames to ensure they are spotless. Once clean, simply rinse with a clean and damp rag.

The same solution will be used on the glass panes. Make sure that the rag is soft. Once the glass panes are clean, simply use paper towels to make them sparkle. In less than 15 minutes, you will have completed the entire process. If you are diligent and focused, you will be able to enjoy life and enjoy a clean home every day of every year. That means that when others are hard at work when the weather improves, you can enjoy the outdoors instead.

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