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marți, 21 februarie 2012

What Apps Will You Get Most out of on Android?

What Apps Will You Get Most out of on Android?

by Elizabeth H Warrington

The insatiable nature of peoples' appetite for apps is almost funny at the moment. But for many it's really serious business. Companies can rise and fall on the success of their programs, which is why software testing is a booming industry right now, and even companies that aren't directly involved in computer media can benefit in a big way from good promotional apps. But what about you as a user? What are the best ways for you to spend your time on your Android smartphone right now?

Not all of the apps that appeal the most do so in a way that makes sense. Angry Birds is the best example of this. There is something funny about the fact that smartphones are heralded as a new age for intelligent communication, and then apps like this attract two million downloads in the first two days on the market. It just goes to show that one bird hitting a building is a tragedy, while a million people downloading an app that lets them throw birds at buildings is a statistic.
Of course, smartphones aren't all about games, even if they seem to have become the best disguise yet invented for a handhold games console (the previous king being a book cover). You can get all kinds of apps that mean you're connected to the office wherever you go, which is an appealing thought for people apparently. Get yourself the File Manager app to stop your Android OS from building up clutter, and supply yourself with an Office suite to get the most out of document exchange and editing.

There are lots of more serious apps out there too. For workers, this can be a great boon. The office suites out there, such as Documents to Go, are a definite must-have if you want to be able to open documents freely from emails, and make additions and edits too. For a phone that's got a lot of files on it, it's also a good idea to get File Manager as early as possible. That way things are less likely to get messy further down the line as you amass more and more essential documents.

So there you have it. That's just a few examples of how apps can build on the solid base of your Android smartphone.

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