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joi, 9 februarie 2012

What Is A Portable GPS Navigation System

What Is A Portable GPS Navigation System

by Mark James

By wirelessly adding GPS navigation to your mobile device, you can not only easily navigate to a desired street or search for whatever points of interest you desire, you can extend these capabilities. But not many people understand what a portable GPS navigation system is or how it works. Some people are overwhelmed with the different models and options that are offered they do not know how to pick one for themselves.

It can be hard to decide what to get when you do not understand what a portable GPS navigation system does or what to look for when you do decide to buy one. A portable GPS uses a satellite to give its location. A satellite in outer space sends out signals that the portable GPS navigation system receives and calculates its location based on the timing of the signals.

It is even possible to integrate your navigation system with other databases such as your email contact list. Some portable GPS navigation systems offer different features even though everyone basically offers the same option of locating itself based on the satellite. Some are better at receiving the signals because they use multi-parallel channels that allow it to receive signals from several different satellites.

When seeking to incorporate a Bluetooth GPS navigation system, you should at the very least look for a GPS receiver with a built in highly sensitive antenna. You can opt for one with a bigger screen if you are going to be using it while driving. Many people feel voice direction is a must for a portable GPS navigation system that is used while driving because it allows you to keep your eyes on the road as the system calls out the direction to you. Some people feel this is a better option then a bigger screen because then you do not have to worry about looking at the screen while driving.

Some Bluetooth GPS navigation kits even come with a vehicle power adapter that can charge both the GPS receiver and the portable device. One nice advantage of having a Bluetooth portable GPS navigation system is the ability to connect your Bluetooth cell phone to it and be able to make calls with out having to take you phone out of your pocket. Many portable GPS navigation systems can be transferred from one car to another allowing you to use it when you travel to different cities or to share it with your spouse.

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