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joi, 29 martie 2012

Advertising Budget and SEO

Advertising Budget and SEO

by Alberto Ziegenfuss

Why Should I Use Local SEO?

The popularity of the internet has made search engine optimization, or SEO, of the most vital ways to increase your company's visibility online. This term encompasses a number of techniques you can use to drive more traffic to your company's website by increasing your position on search results page.

However, if your business is small and serves only your local area, there may be no viable way for your link to appear those of major, national companies on results pages. You may lose prospective customers because of this. If, for instance, a customer wishes to find a local cafe, but must first wade through page after page of results for national chain restaurants, he or she will likely become irritated and stop searching before viewing the link for your local establishment. This is why local SEO is a vital part of any small business's advertising.

Typically, local SEO requires more time than money, so it is an excellent option if your small business has a stringent marketing budget. Often, potential customers would prefer to work with local companies that they can visit in-person over corporate, multi-national companies. This gives you an edge over major companies when it comes to getting new business.

Choosing keywords that refer to your region or town is an easy local SEO technique to implement. This allows your link to rank higher in search results when searchers use the name of your city in their search. This is particularly vital if your business is in an industry like furniture delivery or food service that customers simply cannot easily utilize outside of their region. The more highly your link is ranked, the more likely it is that prospective customers will see it before they close their browser.

Make sure that your company's contact information is clearly listed on both your search result and your website's home page. Included in this information should be your street address, zip-code, email, and business phone number. Customers want to be able to see how close your location is to their home without having to search for your address. Additionally, search engines use address and contact information to help determine your listing's ranking.

Consumers now use the internet when they are looking to purchase everything from groceries to a new car. Many households have opted to get rid of their phone book entirely, while many that still have one rarely open it. Using the internet in lieu of the yellow pages is just simpler. WIth a single search, a user can find thousands of businesses that will meet their needs.

Type in <a href="https://www.elance.com/s/local-seo/">white hat seo</a> into Google; do you find what you need?

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