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luni, 26 martie 2012

The Benefits Of A PS3 Custom Controller

The Benefits Of A PS3 Custom Controller

by Betsy Davenport

Loaded with extra buttons, a PS3 custom controller is widely used by hardcore gamers. They are usually customized to help make certain actions easier for gamers that require versatility for playing. With proper use, they are able to cut time and effort for gamers which can lead to more efficient gaming. <A href="http://www.gamingmodz.com">ps3 custom controller</A>

They have existed for quite a while now, dating back to at least the PS1 which came out almost 2 decades ago. Back then the modifications were usually an additional button for rapid firing or a joystick that allowed the user to play games as if they were playing on arcade machines. There were also dance pads and light guns which gave users easier times with specific games.

Eventually the PS1 evolved to the PS3, as the system evolved the controls also required more options. This was why the joysticks were added along the way. The standard today includes the joysticks and the Dual Shock rumble motor which shakes the whole controller based on the actions of the game to add realism to the experience.

Nowadays gaming has become a big part of the lives of people, proof is the gaming industry raking in billions of dollars. People have started making custom controllers to suit the elite class of gamers. Modifications include the addition of extra buttons and the changing of the locations of certain buttons to lessen the movement by the fingers when playing. Some also placed lights on them although it does not really affect gaming.

These extra buttons are usually game specific. They are programmed to have special actions only for specific games, if used on other games then they pretty much do not do anything. During the times that they do have use, it will be like playing the game with shortcuts at your disposal. Reloading or switching your weapon can be done with just a single press of a button, saving you time and effort.

You do not really need a PS3 custom controller to be good at playing games. Sometimes normal gamers can beat players with modified controls although it cannot be denied that having those extra buttons do help make you a better player.

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