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sâmbătă, 31 martie 2012

Connecting a barometric sensor to a microcontroller

Connecting a barometric sensor to a microcontroller

by Ian Harris

Diverse methods are available for interfacing a microcontroller to a barometric pressure sensor. This permit you to use a micro-controller to read from an input, perform various calculations and display the resulting output.

You'll carry out the software routine on the micro-controller by utilizing your device's flash memory. As far as the barometric sensor is concerned, the force that exerted per unit area is voiced as pounds per square inch or PSI. The pressure sensor needs to be calibrated to detect ranges in pressure that are found in a barometer module. You may use a pressure sensor along with a micro-controller to determine barometric pressure.

The pressure sensor and micro-controller are powered by a power supply. The power supply for the device will have a voltage that might be at 5 volts, but is dependent on the components that you use. To best understand the connection between the sensor and the microcontroller, to do this you want to interface the 2 components by utilizing a diagram or a schematic. A value read from the pressure sensor is shown on an LCD display or transmitted to a PC.

You can attach this sensor to your PC system with the correct sort of connection. This will typically be a USB cable or a serial connection. An external case is typically used to contain the micro and your pressure sensor. Interfacing these components is a spare time interest to chase if you have got an interest with electronic devices

Often this sort of device is used to calculate the pressure from by measuring a voltage level, although these days sometimes the pressure is available as a digital signal. When you are interfacing an air pressure sensor to the microcontroller make sure that your sensor is kept in a dark or low-light area to reduce the chances of temperature and light affecting the reading.

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