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miercuri, 14 martie 2012

The Current Debate Over Ecommerce Systems: Box Or Scratch Solutions

The Current Debate Over Ecommerce Systems: Box Or Scratch Solutions

by Eugene Yeng

Whether a website owner is setting up a new website or optimizing an older retail store choices must be made in eCommerce systems: box or scratch? The checkout and catalogue portion of any site are vital to the business. An eCommerce package can come out of the box ready to use or it can be completely customized to the needs of the store.

The most economical solution is not always the most suitable for every retail business. Cost is a factor but not the overriding factor for most, when it comes to setting up the vital shopping cart and catalogue. While a store with only a few products can usually get by with an open source-shopping cart, it can end up looking very generic without added customizations.

In the world of online sales, repeat customers are just as valuable as they are to the brick and mortar store. An eCommerce solution may well have a voluntary email list integrated into the system to encourage repeat business. An online shop with only one product may use a simple generic solution while a store with many items usually requires a more advanced and built from scratch eCommerce solution.

A closer look at the available open source e-commerce systems online reveals that though there are many feature rich open source solutions available, customization is essential for almost any of the choices available. Unless the retail merchant is, also a web developer even the best of the open source solutions will require some adjustments to be optimized for the business. Systems built from scratch for a particular retail store can be just as budget effective since they are by definition, made to order.

One of the more difficult choices though with customized solutions to eCommerce is that of choosing a developer. The developer must not only be familiar with scripting languages but also be able to communicate with the site owner about their needs and the features the merchant wants to see as part of their eCommerce package. Time may well be a concern as well and the correct developer should also have a history of timely completion since an online store without a checkout will do very little business.

Not every store requires the most advanced checkout and catalogue solution available. However every retail situation online must have a secure means of accepting credit cards. The more flexible the eCommerce solution is, the more likely the customer will find shopping convenient and pleasant.

In conclusion, though it is appealing to have a shopping cart and catalogue already built and it can be cost effective, even out of the box solutions require adjustment for the site and product. A shopping cart improperly set up or too generic can actually be a deterrent to shoppers. On the other hand, a shopping solution too complex with too many features can be unnecessary for a store that has only an item or two.

While web developers are constantly coming up with new and more flexible eCommerce systems, very few are customized out of the box for every store. If the merchant possesses scripting and developer skills then a boxed solution could be viable. If the store catalogue is complex and the online businessman wants to make the most of every sale, customized solutions are often best. Check out this good resource on <a href="http://www.netbizsolutions.com/malaysia-web-design.htm">Ecommerce Web Design</a>

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