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duminică, 11 martie 2012

Diamond Grinding Tools: Dry Grinder Wheels - Essential Maintenance Tips For Woodturners

Diamond Grinding Tools: Dry Grinder Wheels - Essential Maintenance Tips For Woodturners

by John Roney

During home renovations a concrete grinder can remove glue from carpeted or tiled floors, it can level uneven slabs, create a new aggregate look, prepare a floor for the application of sealers or paint, clean up spilt concrete, plaster or other materials on floors, polish concrete and remove old paints. Before selecting which concrete grinder will suit your needs the most appropriately you will need to understand how diamonds work to cut the concrete because if you choose the wrong type it will not produce the results you would expect. Many people have begun with a concrete grinder working very productively only to find after an hour that they have slowed down to a snail's pace. All modern concrete grinders use diamonds now as the abrasive, but there are a few things to consider.

If the diamond disc is removing the coating productively then keep using it, but if it slows down you need to look at two things. 1. Perhaps the concrete is too hard and the diamonds are blunting which means you need to choose the same grit cupwheel in a softer bond. For more details see Segments - hard or soft. 2. Or maybe the coating is too thick (say over 500 microns) so you need to change to a scraper disc which will tear it off rather than grind it off. These PCD discs have small blocks of diamond.

Concrete hardness and coatings: To grind off most coatings the cupwheel needs to grind into the concrete floor below the coating. The concrete will keep the diamonds sharp and exposed if the bond is correct for the concrete, while also removing the build up of coating that accumulates on the segment. When you have a diamond bond that is too hard for the concrete, the diamonds will blunt and not cut into the coating properly. At this point operators who are unaware of the problem will blame the disc for not being able to remove a coating, but it has little to do with the coating and more to do with the hardness of the concrete.

The Need To Clean: As you use your dry grinder to sharpen your tools, most, but not all of the metal that has been removed blows away with the abrasive dust. A tiny amount of the metal dust from your tool is deposited on the face of the grinding wheels. This typically shows up as black streaks, or smears on the round face of the wheel. If this metal residue builds up excessively on the surface of the wheel, it will compromise your ability to efficiently sharpen your tools. When you use a clogged wheel and you try to sharpen your tool, the metal from your tool grinds against the metal particles that are clogging the wheel surface. This creates lots of excessive heat - but it will not sharpen your tool effectively. To efficiently sharpen your tools, the face of the grinder wheel must be kept clean, flat and running true.

A concrete grinder can be the fastest way to clean up a floor after other work has been completed. It will quickly remove spilt mortar, plaster, paint splashes and other materials that have been walked onto the floor and prepare it for whatever covering will be used later. The benefits of preparing a floor this way include leveling the small high spots to reduce the amount of mortar used when tiling or to provide a flatter floor when laying vinyl, and to open the surface so that sealers and glues will adhere strongly and permanently. To achieved polished concrete like <a href="http://www.stonetools.net.au/Diamond-Polishing-Pads/Floor-Pads.html">Diamond Grinding Tools</a> a special type of concrete grinder is normally required that has a planetary action head where three or four heads touch the floor and rotate in one direction and the turntable that contains the heads rotates in the opposite direction. It is easier to achieve a flat floor with this equipment, or alternatively one of the eight headed machines that has four heads rotating clockwise and four rotating anticlockwise.

Learn more about <a href="http://StoneTools.net.au">Diamond Grinding Tools</a>.

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