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joi, 22 martie 2012

Exploring Malaysian Culture: Malaysia Honeymoon Packages - Explore Malaysia and Romance

Exploring Malaysian Culture: Malaysia Honeymoon Packages - Explore Malaysia and Romance

by Clifton Quinn

Malaysia is one of the most favored tourism destinations in India. It is amazingly beautiful and so it is visited by thousands and hundreds of honeymooners from across the world. It is one of the most amazing countries with scores of tourism attractions and destinations that never fail to impress the heart of the tourists and honeymooners who come from across the world for honeymoon in Malaysia.

Malaysia has several enchantments which are worth to visit and explore. So it is very hard to see all the enchantments with one single tour package. So these days tour operators offer several exciting tourism packages at different budgets to fit in the pocket of all travellers who are planning for Malaysia tour or Malaysia Genting tour. Book the tour package of your choice and explore the top tourism destination that will make your visit an experience that you will love to treasure and delight in forever.Well to make your Malaysia trip more delightful and remarkable below places of tourist interest are suggested. Visit these magnificent and exciting places and you will surely be amazed and awe-struck with their splendor which seems out of the world.

Penang the lovely and the spectacular Island is famous for its enticing tourism attractions and scintillating natural beauty. It is one of the favored places that are visited by thousands and hundreds of honeymooners and tourists from across the world. Some of the famous attractions that you will delight exploring here are Fort Cornwallis, Penang National Park, Sri Mahamariamman Temple, Khoo Kongsi, Tanjung City Marina, etc. These are some of the famous and the enticing attractions that never fail to impress the heart of the tourists and the honeymooners.

The vibrating and most fascinating city in Malaysia is Kuala Lumpur. It is the capital city of Malaysia endowed with some of the finest attraction in the country. Here you will find the perfect blend of the ancient and the modern charm showcasing the architectural elegance. While the heritage monuments take you to the glorious past you will feel how the technology has changed as the sky-scrapper flitters with the azure sky. National Planetrium, National Science Centre, National Art Gallery, Aquarium KLCC, Menara, Batu Caves, Petrosains, China Town, etc are some of the popular attractions of tourist in Kualalumpur.

Well Malaysia is also famous for beach honeymoon holidays. In the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia there are group of Island with unspoilt and spectacular beaches which are ideal for beach honeymoon holidays. It is the perfect place as here couples can enjoy intimate time of love and care for each other in a delightful and memorable way. Dotted beautifully by the swaying coconut trees and the soft sands that turns golden when kissed by the sun makes the surrounding truly mesmerizing that never fail to seduce the mind of the <a href="http://fleft.com/malaysian-holidays/exploring-malaysian-culture/">Exploring Malaysian Culture</a> honeymooners to make love and engulf the beloved in the cozy arm to feel the heart beat where each other soul resides.

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