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sâmbătă, 3 martie 2012

Facing Life With Obesity

Facing Life With Obesity

by Brock Doughart

When I was young, I wasn't really obese or significantly huge, but I admit that I was overweight. And we know how kids are and everybody would exaggerate on something just to have fun. Sadly enough, my schoolmates exaggerated on my extra weight until I became the butt of all jokes in my class.

I was just playing it cool in front of everyone, but what I was feeling was not really cool. I felt hurt every time everybody teased me, I was just good at hiding it. I didn't cry with tears, but I was crying deep inside.

At the early cage of 10, I didn't have any fight reaction, only running away from fights. I was young and full of self-doubt. Everybody's jokes were all damaging my self-esteem. So I never worked on my social life and started becoming a home body with my console games and PC. Everything went down until I found my one true comfort in food. I didn't care anymore about my weight, up to a point that I was in denial that I have already gotten obese. My eating habits worsened and worsened.

Food has this capacity to make us feel better. There are foods that stimulate our brain to release endorphins and serotonins which are naturally occurring chemicals in the body responsible for making us feel good. Food such as ice cream, pasta, bread, chocolates, cream pies and peanut butter all has to capacity to make us feel jolly. Whenever I felt depressed and alone, I started with eating food. In short, I ate until I started feeling good. No other thing in the world was able to make me feel this way. I was caught in what was called emotional eating.

I had no control over the pounds that were piling up. Bingeing was no just an escape route for me, it became my life. It was no longer emotional eating but it became compulsive eating. I tried dieting when I was 13, but results were bad. Every year I lost weight, but after a couple of months, I regained more. Pills worked, but I never like the side effects.

By far, the most effective weight loss program for me is the master cleanse method. Simple enough, it's a detox program at work. The master cleanse method has a lot of fruit recipes to help us detoxify.

I had a hard time growing up so don't let the same thing happen to your kids. Go to this page for more master cleanse <a href="http://www.juicingforweightloss.com/weight-loss/the-master-cleanse">master cleanse</a> and <a href="http://www.juicingforweightloss.com/juicing-recipes">juicing recipes</a>

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