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vineri, 23 martie 2012

Finding Success by Pre-Selling

Finding Success by Pre-Selling

by Taylor Wolfe

If you work with affiliate marketing and work within a certain niche, you should have at least a working idea of what pre-selling really is about. When you pre-sell your products what you're doing, at the fundamental level, is "warming up" your prospect so that he/she is in a much better mental position to make a real decision. However, in order to get it right and to make sure that you're pre-selling is actually working, you need to keep a few things in mind. Most of the successful affiliate marketers already know how to properly pre-sell and that's why they're at the tops of their games. Let's explore some things you can do to get a leg up on the ladder of success.<a href="http://www.mybinaryscode.com">My Binary Code</a>

It is important to understand that in the pre-sale you don't need to use a sales pitch. Your job isn't really to convince the prospect that he or she should buy the product because that is what the sales letter your merchant displays on his site will do. What you're trying to do here is basically educate your prospect in the best possible way about the product's ins and outs; the good, the bad. Even though your pre-sell needs to be positioned in the best way to get readers interested in the product, you still need to be honest and try to keep out the hype.

Do not use pain or distress to agitate your prospect; it is a bad pre-selling technique and the main reason this is true is that your pre-sell is supposed to help your prospect feel comfortable and more at ease and to become part of their comfort zone; not to make them feel bad. Pain and distress can be good weapons but only when you are actually selling, not during pre-selling. So try and paint a good picture of the product during the pre-sell by telling your prospect all about how helpful the product can be for them.<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FOBfqZPjo3s">Carbon Copy Commissions</a>

You have to make sure that any data you use is gained from a legitimate source so that when they read your pre-sell content, your prospects will know that your product is the real thing. Any sort of widely accepted support can be very helpful when you want to increase your conversion rate. People put lots of faith and confidence in supporting data and it helps them find the confidence they need to make their buying decisions. Just see to it that you're not doing anything that might make your prospects feel like they are being scammed or lead into false information. Honesty and transparency are the name of the game in this situation.

Pre-selling is not just useful in the affiliate marketing world, but even you can pre-sell your own product by providing educational material to your prospects and convert them into a buy customer. Overall, you should try and work with various ideas when it comes to effective pre-selling because you never know what might work and give great results. Don't be afraid to move out of your comfort zone; try out something that the others haven't dared to do so. This doesn't just help with pre-selling it helps with the straightforward selling too.

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