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miercuri, 14 martie 2012

Improving One's Looks With Indoor Tanning

Improving One's Looks With Indoor Tanning

by Haywood Hunter

When meeting someone with a beautiful tan, there is an immediate impression of a person who is healthy and ready to take on the world. This first impression can really be meaningful when going on a first date, meeting new clients or experiencing other important things in life. This look is available with indoor tanning.

It was in 1979 that this method of receiving a tan was first introduced in the U. S. Over the years, there has also been a tremendous advancement in construction, as well as the number of locations where this procedure is available. These special beds are available in spas, beauty shops and a number of other locations. The Federal Food and Drug Administration oversees the units and monitors eye protection, amount of exposure time, safety rules and other features.

Fluorescent lamps (UVC), produce the same type of vitamin D rays as are received from the sun. However, these particular rays are more concentrated so as to produce a tan faster. Shields, made of acrylic, are located beneath the body and in the lid, for protection.

This manner of achieving a good tan is excellent for people who are limited on time. The maximum exposure allowed is 20 minutes per session. It usually requires one or two visits per week to maintain the tan. This is how so many working people are able to obtain a fresh look even though they have been confined to an office all day.

A program was undertaken to train employees and customers in safety measures with a "smart tanning" program. This program was specifically designed to teach how to maximize benefits and reduce risks when exposed to UV rays. Even people with these beautiful indoor tans must protect themselves when outdoors from natural sun rays.

Indoor tanning is great for anyone who wishes to look and feel good. Special lotions are required when engaging in this kind of program and there are numerous kinds available. Having a body that is tanned presents a picture of someone who is active and conscious of the importance of looking good.

When you want the appeal of a year-round tan, an <a href="http://www.sunlabsonline.com">indoor tanning</a> method is the recommended approach. You can find <a href="http://www.sunlabsonline.com/Scripts/prodView.asp?idproduct=34">cheap tanning lotion</a> by searching online.

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