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luni, 26 martie 2012

Information About Computer Repair Today

Information About Computer Repair Today

by Ruth Duffy

It does no good to have an anti-virus software if it is not going to be installed and used. People who eventually need computer repair and virus removal services should prevent all of the issues by protecting their files and operating systems. A virus can easily attack any laptop or desktop that is connected to the Internet.

When you have a virus, you will notice the symptoms, such as programs beginning to drag, or not opening at all. You may open up a browser to go online and be attacked by dozens of pop-ups.

There are a few ways you can control this and eliminate these viruses. When a virus attacks your system, it will leave it's mark in corrupted files all over the hard drive and in the registry. You may need to delete those files and edit the registry yourself. If you plan to do this, make sure you are deleting the correct files. If you delete the wrong file, you could disable something very important and cause havoc in your computer.

Look up the symptoms you notice in your system, like too many pop-ups or slow operations. If you need to, try going to the house of a friend or relative or use a public place like the library to look up possible solutions to your problem.

Always try rebooting your system. Even if you have a virus, you can still install a new anti-virus program. This software will find, isolate and eliminate all of the corrupted and infected files threatening the system. Since this kind of infection in your computer's hard drive is not so easily destroyed, you should always restart it just to have it clear of anything else that might be running in the background while you try to fix the problem.

You can utilize some of the internal computer repair and restore programs that come in most operating systems. Most of the restore programs are blocked by a virus. It is actually better to turn these programs off, so that they do not create a copy of the hard drive with the virus on it.

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