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vineri, 16 martie 2012

Jin'do the Godbreaker in Zul'Gurub

Jin'do the Godbreaker in Zul'Gurub

by Dian Buffum

High Priestess Kilnara is the third troll boss living in the brand new 5-man heroic dungeon, Zul'Gurub. She actually is not easy to become defeated. However , there still are many players willing to challenge her again and again, simply because by killing Kilnara, you are not only capable to loot some gold in World of Wacraft and epic gears, but also have a opportunity to loot a cool panther mount since the benefits.

When i mentioned previously, Kilnara is not easy to be killed. You need to deal with many panthers along with Kilnara in this fight. The tank needs to mange his protection skills to make sure that he will not be killed by Kilnara and her panthers, so basically, paladins are the most suitable tanks in this fight because they are better in dealing with multi targets than other tanks in the game.

When i mentioned above, the key to defeat Zanzil is by using the three cauldrons wisely within the combat. According to the different cauldrons you utilize, it is possible to obtain some specific buffs in order to counteract Zanzil's spells. When the combat starts, Zanzil will cast Awful Tonic on a random player frequently. This spell will certainly deal 30000 nature damage and also cannot be avoided. So the healer needs to cure the target player instantly. Additionally , Zanzil will also randomly forged Voodoo Bolt, which spell can be interrupted, so they are all are not dangerous in the fight.

Zanzili Fire is also a regular mean that Zanzil will use frequently. This spell will create a bright line of fire that deals substantial damage to everyone browsing it, so all the players including the tank should stay away from the effect area.

The important thing of this combat is that Zanzil will use three different special spells, as well as depending on the spell this individual use, you need to use the special cauldron to counteract this. Zanzil's Graveyard gas is among the three specific spells. When Zanzil start casting this spell, the entire area will be inundated with green gas, all the players covered with the gas will be murdered shortly. Right now, you need to immediately get Toxic Anguish from the eco-friendly cauldron, and this capability will keep you alive within the deadly fuel.Zanzil's 2nd special ability is Zanzil's Revival Elixir. This spell brings a Zanzili Berserker into the combat. All the players except the container and healer should utilize the blue cauldron to freeze and kill the berserker as quickly as possible, or it will kill all of you very quickly.

The 3rd special ability is actually Zanzil's resurrection Spirit. Zanzil will cast this spell to raise many Zanzili Zombies. The container must use the red cauldron to obtain the Burning up Blood. This ability can be used to AOE straight down all of the zombies to ensure that all the other gamers can focus on attacking the boss.

In conclusion, the difficulty of the combat with the phase one, if you know how to cope with the sixteen panthers in the fight, you will soon be able to defeat High Priest Kilnara and loot the World of Warcraft gold, epic gears and the panther mount.

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