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vineri, 30 martie 2012

Maid Employment Agency-Maid Employment Agency Can Save the Maids

Maid Employment Agency-Maid Employment Agency Can Save the Maids

by Alice Sy

If the maid employment agency can send maids to their dream destinations they can also send them to horrible journeys. Cases of abuse in the form of violence, harassment and unfulfilling needs is not new in the domestic field and while there have been ways to bring the incidents down, the probability of maid abuse remains high but the agency can do its best to at least curb it.

As matchmakers, the respective requirements from both ends should be equal when it comes to background checking. The maids should also be protected and well provided for just as much as the employers need a trustworthy person to help and live at home. Choosing not to deal with already suspicious employers is the first line of defense to bring down the rate of abuses and accidents.

The maid employment agency should make sure that the contract between the maid and the employer respects the right of both parties before having it signed. There are laws that protect the rights of domestic helpers, from the required monthly salary, working hours, paid leaves, provided food, shelter etc. Some countries even require maids to be insured. In some cases it is the maid who readily agrees with the poor situation but the agency should explain to the maid the consequences.

The best move of the agency therefore is to find good employers for the maids and vice versa making sure that they deal only with trustworthy and professional people. Most agencies often send a maid far away without thinking of the maids whereabouts months or years later. It should be the duty of the agency to constantly check on the relationship of the maid and the employer, after all they are the ones who made the match possible.

The best role of the maid employment agency is to satisfy the needs of employers and maids and that includes securing their smooth and safe relationship.

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