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miercuri, 14 martie 2012

Online Jewellery Shopping Or Touch-Screen Charms?

Online Jewellery Shopping Or Touch-Screen Charms?

by Adrian Jones

<b>Would You Consider Choosing Contemporary Jewelry From An ATM?</b>

Latest jewelry news articles reveal that online jewellery shopping has progressed another step. A gold ATM machine is now marketing contemporary jewellery and gold coins - in India. But while a great many people have learned how to have confidence in online jewellery shopping, buying from a machine has not yet proved as popular as internet or over-the-counter acquisitions by men and women who know their own preferences.

India's first ATM machine has proved to be a discussion piece but buyers benefit from the experience of actually talking to a real salesperson. And discovering gorgeous jewellery items on the internet is your next best thing.

A great deal of gold is sold in the enormous country of India with more than 900 tonnes of gold bullion changing hands. So if machine-sold gold and jewellery isn't hitting the jackpot there, it is very unlikely that an ATM dispensing glittering jewels would do well in the United Kingdom. It most certainly wouldn't be popular in the rather conservative Orkney Islands - people here love to shop locally online at <a href="http://www.olagoriejewellery.com">http://www.olagoriejewellery.com</a>.

But the machine's manager is upbeat about the new device for jewelry buyers. "There is investment purchase in this machine, there is gifting in the machine and there is self-indulgence," says Sanjeev Agarwal, chief executive of Gitanjali Exports, which has developed the machine. "On day one of the launch earlier this month we had some 28 transactions."

The automatic dispenser dishes out diamond jewellery whilst the smallest gold coin available weighs in at a gram and costs something like 40. The touch-screen offers virtually instant satisfaction but may lead to impulse buys, we fear.

Gitanjali expects the automated teller machines, besides being far cheaper to run than the usual store, will allow the organisation to attract a wider base of shoppers and provide a handy means by which to purchase in a country which is embracing better technology speedily. The stand alone prototype golden box, slightly taller and wider than a normal cash ATM, stands alongside the entrance of a busy Indian mall, constructed so it is secure against drills and safeguarded by video cameras.

<b>A Potential Alternative to Online Jewellery Shopping?</b>

Prospective buyers use a touch-screen to browse through the items that are available and can pay with either bank cards or cash. Agarwal argues that folks were cautious with ATM cash machines just after they were launched but they are now very happy to make use of them and that will be the way his new customers will relate to these machines, after a while.

He aims to unveil 75 of the automated machines over the next four years, in airports, shopping malls and at religious sites. We wonder if many people within the Northern Isles would decide to try buying Orkney jewellery distributed from an ATM outside St Magnus Cathedral. We imagine online jewellery shopping and purchases over-the-counter will remain the most liked options here! Why not start by checking out some of our traditional Scottish jewellery at <a href="http://www.olagoriejewellery.com/range.php?id=5">http://www.olagoriejewellery.com/range.php?id=5</a>.

Who needs Automated teller machines - you'll find nothing to outweigh the convenience of <a href="http://www.olagoriejewellery.com">online jewellery shopping</a>, Pay a visit to our website for a huge range of unusual and ethnic designs, or if you're more interested in contemporary jewellery try <a href="http://www.olagoriejewellery.com/range.php?id=1">http://www.olagoriejewellery.com/range.php?id=1</a>.

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