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sâmbătă, 24 martie 2012

Security Researchers Identify Critical Vulnerability in Opera Web Browser

Security Researchers Identify Critical Vulnerability in Opera Web Browser

by Francisco Rodriguez

Mozilla Foundation, the maker of Firefox web <a href='http://www.mybrowserbux.com'>Browser</a> has just released the latest version of the browser named Firefox 4 Beta 3. If you dont know what Beta word means, people use that word to describe a test software or a test application released to public for gaining massive feedback. Why you need to use Firefox 4 Beta 3 for a test? Here's my top 3 reason.

Reason #1: The design. I've been using this open source browser since it was known as Firefox 2 back on the year of 2007. The design in this latest version is quite smooth, interactive and futuristic,. I'm talking about the default theme designed with the beautiful Back and Forth button. Those buttons were a lot different than the Back and Forth button in previous versions.

Reason #2: New things, new speed, new tools. I've downloaded this browser because I want to feel the excitement of stumbling upon new things, new features, new styles and new inventions in it. Although all functions and commands is similar to its older siblings, one notable feature is the speed. Yup, it crashes when we open some website but I've noticed this browser opens up websites faster than its previous version. It is still in testing phase so you will found some expectable crashes.

The security bug was first identified by security researcher Jordi Chancel, who exploited the browser to crash the browsers. Security researchers at Vupen, who made further assessment of the vulnerability, developed an exploit to inject and execute malicious code.

First off. Chrome is definitely consistent. If you have a dozen tabs open, check it out in the Task Manager. It does not list them as Firefox does, as just one internet browser application open. Each tab is listed as its own process, with its very own memory space and processor allocation. In case one tab has a catastrophic crash, the other tabs are not affected. The user experience is actually better as well; Internet Explorer and Firefox have a layer upon layer of toolbars and menu bars and address bars cluttering up the top. Chrome is very minimalist, it does not even contain a title bar. It just makes things much smoother to not have to stare at two dozen permanent options constantly.

Firefox still called as the second popular web browser and it will be upgraded continually by passionate programmers and designers.

And while Chrome is blink-and-you'll-miss-it fast, Apple's Safari is a touch faster. Firefox has the most add-ons too, free ones, made by dedicated followers. However Chrome is making up ground with its Extensions in version 4. It runs Greasemonkey programs without difficulty, just like one to help you accept all your Facebook requests one stroke. But possibly the very best argument for the Google internet browser, is Google Frame. Google is so fed up with Internet Explorer 6 and how many individuals continue to use this second-rate internet browser, that they offer you a plug-in that will help you boost your Google Docs experience on it. What the plug-in really does is, it deletes all of the Internet Explorer code within IE 6, and replaces it with Chrome code. For all those really resistant to change.

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