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joi, 8 martie 2012

Some Information On Oticon Hearing Aids

Some Information On Oticon Hearing Aids

by Owen Jones

The sense of hearing is very complicated, which is why things can go wrong at many junctures. Therefore, there are a variety of kinds of hearing aids to overcome these different problems. Besides this, people have their own predilections for the designs of hearing aid that they would like to wear and then there is the cost issue. Therefore there are at least three factors to be considered before anyone selects a hearing aid.

Three considerations, but it means that there has to be a lot of different choices. Even if you take the simple behind-the-ear (BTE) device, some people will be looking for a brown one, others a white one. Some will want it to be as small as possible, others will not care too much and some will want the hearing aid built into the frames of a pair of glasses. The range of Oticon hearing aids covers many of the bases.

Oticon hearing aids are manufactured in a wide range of models, styles, and price bands. Some are the very latest cutting edge technology and therefore more expensive while others are simpler and a lot cheaper. It is similar to the scenario with mobile phones, some want the latest handsets that take photos, video and receive the Internet, while others simply want to use it as a telephone.

Two such simpler models in the range of Oticon hearing aids are the Oticon Go Pro and the Oticon Atlas. These are comparatively simple devices, yet the sound quality is excellent. They also offer several automatic features, so that you do not have to play around with them to be able to hear well again. They are a good choice for those who are not interested in the technology, they just want to be able to hear again.

There are Oticon hearing aids for all degrees of deafness, but most of the devices they make will work well for moderate hearing loss. After all, the total loss of hearing is quite rare. The Oticon Delta fall into this class for mild hearing loss and the Sumo DM is intended for those with a more severe hearing impairment. Both of these devices are surprisingly light on their consumption of batteries.

Most hearing aids focus on amplifying the frequencies of human speech, but this means that the wearer can lose out on bird song and other natural, background noises. The Safran was designed to amplify these sounds too, so that the sound that the wearer hears is more natural, more like what everybody else hears, while still giving a slight emphasis to speech tones though.

If you want sophistication and hi-end technological features, then that is also included in the range of Oticon hearing aids. Check out the Syncro. The Syncro makes use of a chip to sort meaningful sound from background noise and stress it. The Epoch helps the user to distinguish where the sound is coming from and the Rise can be used with Bluetooth and MP3 players too.

Many Oticon hearing aids are binaural, which means that if you wear two hearing aids, they will interact in order to give you a far better sense of hearing and if you suffer from occlusion then try the Tego which was designed to overcome it.

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