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sâmbătă, 3 martie 2012

A Third Party Report on ECosway USA- Is This Company Legit?

A Third Party Report on ECosway USA- Is This Company Legit?

by Sam Reilly

Searching for a 3rd party report on the eCosway USA business? Well look no further because inside this post, I'm gonna share with you some information about eCosway USA that you may not be aware of. I'm also gonna focus on some methods for you to build this business should you decide to join.

You might find other articles around the net that's written to try and get you to join the organization but I'm not going to do that inside this post for a couple of reasons. For starters, I'm not connected to eCosway USA, meaning this content is strictly unbiased. Second of all even if I was, I wouldn't understand the point of you joining a business if you had no idea HOW to build it. So having said that, I'll just give you a review from some information that I gathered and you'll be able to make a smart decision whether to join or not.

What Is ECosway USA?

Ecosway USA is a part of the ECosway international direct selling business that is based in Malaysia. The company launched since 2002 from the parent company Cosway, which has been around since 1979. The Ecosway USA headquarters are in Irvine, California. They offer and market various kinds of products such as perfumes & cosmetics, health care, skin care, personal care, slimming & weight management, food, household, and car care products. As you can see this business offers quite a bit.

Ecosway USA also gives the opportunity for individuals to become their very own boss by enrolling as Independent Business Owners aka IBOs. There's a little investment to make so that you can join and the monthly & annual fees to remain an IBO is rather inexpensive. As you use the products and share it with others, you can generate volume points whenever someone decides to purchase products from you, which also turns into a commission. If you get other folks to join as well as IBOs, you can earn a small percentage of every sale that those people make. The opportunity to create a decent income with Ecosway USA is very possible.

Is ECosway USA Legit?

Yes, Ecosway USA is a very legit company. Lots of people who may experience failure might say it's a scam or some people who find out that it's a multi-level marketing business automatically assumes that it's a pyramid scheme of some kind. Well to set the record straight, any business that has a multi level marketing structure isn't a scam as long as there's a product or service being exchanged for money. In the case of this enterprise, there are lots of awesome products available to purchase so this corporation is legitimate.

However, a lot of people who join as associates don't make the kind of money that they would like because they lack the business building skills necessary to build a mlm business. There's several skills that you need to have if you wish to grow this business effectively and one of those skills is marketing. Even if you're told to make a list of your best friends and family and tell them about this opportunity, most of them will probably not be interested. It's essential to market your business effectively and have people come to you.

To conclude, Ecosway USA is a wonderful business with awesome products. If you decide to join keep in mind that your business is marketing. If you learn how to market, you'll make any kind of money that you would like. If you don't learn how to market, you'll most likely struggle.

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