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sâmbătă, 24 martie 2012

Tribe Marketing Secrets Disclosed

Tribe Marketing Secrets Disclosed

by Esteban Ferreira

Obviously "Tribe Marketing" is a marketing system that attempts to create social groups or communities that are centered around a service. But to the shrewd entrepreneur, tribe marketing can mean much much more than that. Here is a short list of potential benefits :

* Instant Backlinks from Authority Sites * Instant Facebook Likes and Shares * Instant Retweets to Thousand * Blog Commenting Participation * Higher Web Page Ranking on Search Engines * More Targetted, Peer-Referred Traffic * More Leads, Sales and Connections

Tribe Marketing Overview

The purpose of almost every online marketer, affiliate marketer, network marketing specialist and pro blogger is to increase exposure of their published content to create more traffic, leads and sales.

Traditionally this has done by actively promoting the content through forums, social bookmarking, tweeting, sharing on Facebook and using a a variety of tools to extend the number of back-links to extend the chances of getting the content to rank higher in the search site search results page.

Now imagine teaming up with a "tribe" composed of dozens, even tons of similar minded marketing pros with the aim of auto-syndicating their material and, in exchange, having them auto-syndicate your content to their network of social bookmarketing accounts, Twitter, Facebook and other Web 2.0 properties.

Welcome to the smashing sector of tribe marketing!

Think Automated Cooperative Marketing

To take advantage of the tribe marketing idea you have to be prepared and able to mechanically share other member's content thru a variety of social media networks. The concept is the content you share, the more content your tribe marketing team members will share of yours.

Tribe marketing is truly a 21st century co-operative marketing concept who time's arrived.

So how, precisely, do you benefit?

* One of the most efficient techniques to get your content to rank higher on the search websites is to get more quality back links from sites with some amount of authority - like Facebook, Digg, and Reddit among others . Tribe marketing can possibly get you hundreds, even thousands of back links within seconds.

* As other tribe members share your content to their private networks, you get the benefit of an implied endorsement. This can mean more direct traffic, leads and simpler sales.

* Establishing a reciprocal marketing arrangement via the tribe marketing concept can open the doors to other collaborations, marketing deals and potential partnerships.

Getting Started with TribePro Marketing

There are two ways to milk "tribe marketing" for marketeers today.

You can form your own tribe by creating a new forum, BuddyPress site or other social media site and invite people to take part. This would require some initial coding and marketing on your part as the director, you can create your own rules of participation and syndication.

Better. You can join an already established tribe marketing platform like Tribepro and be set up to start sharing and having your content shared literally within a few short minutes. It is free. It's fast. It's straightforward. Check it out and join the tribe marketing revolution today. And if you are really serious about taking your business to a higher level, see also MLSP for the Net best lead generation platform.

Many believe, the ones who do not get involved with <a href="http://tinyurl.com/7shsn9z">tribe marketing</a> will be left in the dust. Whether that's true or not can be a topic of debate what's not in debate is the amount of income you'll miss out on if you never utilize this simple marketing technique. <a href="http://tinyurl.com/6qsvem3">Tribe marketing</a> is where it's at so click the links and find out more.

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