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miercuri, 28 martie 2012

Uncovering Jobs Where Exposure To Asbestos Is Common

Uncovering Jobs Where Exposure To Asbestos Is Common

by Jess O'Neal

There are many jobs where exposure to asbestos is common. This is particularly true of workers in industries of manual labor or trade. If you work in one of these fields, be sure to let your doctor know so he or she can watch out for signs of this dangerous exposure.

Workers in construction are commonly subjected to the danger. Products containing it were very often used in home and commercial construction. Products used for things such as fireproofing and insulation contained it. Workers in this category of risk also include plumbers.

Also at a high risk level are miners. Miners can be subject to very large quantities of dust. Combined with poor ventilation and inadequate breathing protection, miners experience an increased incidence of asbestos-related diseases.

Insulators worked perhaps one of the most dangerous jobs when it comes to being exposed. They worked for lengthy periods with insulation and are at a great risk to now develop a disease.

Railroad workers are another at-risk category. Diesel and steam locomotives put out high heat, making them perfect for use of this heat insulation. Of course, workers had to maintain and replace the insulation, leaving them susceptible to fibers in the air.

Ship builders are more workers who are regularly exposed. Much like their railroad counterparts, workers building and maintaining ship find themselves with high levels of particles in the surrounding air. Insulation is used commonly with steam pipes and boilers.

Essential parts of a car that contain it extensively place auto mechanics firmly on the list. Yet again, airborne fibers are the biggest problem when they are released, this time while brakes are disassembled and routine maintenance is performed.

Overall, jobs involving releasing particles into the air put their workers at the highest risk. Any workers in these job categories should be especially vigilant for signs of sickness.

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