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miercuri, 21 martie 2012

Working in Information Technology

Working in Information Technology

by Clare Westwood

The job role

The job of an IT systems manager requires being responsible for a company's computer network and overseeing the installation and implementation of software and hardware. It also involves checking that back-up systems run without hitches and making sure that support is given to IT users.

Information systems managers are necessary whatever the size of the organisation. Often they will have a team working for them made up of programmers, technicians and database administrators. They will be in charge of the staff working below them.

The job title Information Systems Manager is becoming more and more frequently used within the IT sector but still the job title tends to differ between organisations. Other tiles for this job include a 'function manager' and a 'service delivery manager.' It really depends on the type of organisation you work for.

Understanding the needs of other users is an extremely important quality for an information systems manager. Making any changes to the ICT facilities and arranging the budget and annual IT spend is h up on the list of priorities.

Being able to understand the needs of users within the company and translate their needs into technology requirements. This is a vital skill all information systems managers must possess.

Businesses that are going through structure changes and re-engineering will possibly look to the Information Systems Manager for guidance and help implementing new systems.

Often Information Systems managers will carry out lots of other admin based tasks on a daily basis. There will be lots of other tasks that the information systems manager will carry out including looking after staff in their department. When businesses are going through times of change then systems administrators will be called upon to evaluate how the IT system is currently running. You will need to be able to understand the new software and hardware your company might want to use.

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