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vineri, 20 aprilie 2012

The Advantages And Features Of Sash Window Security Solutions For Lower Insurance Costs

The Advantages And Features Of Sash Window Security Solutions For Lower Insurance Costs

by Zara Mazur Colwell

Sash windows have two parts, the immovable part and the movable part. By installing appropriate sash window safety methods you can live safely and also have to pay lower insurance premium for your home. A few of the methods for sash window security solutions for lower insurance costs are given below.

If you have an old home with sash glazing, then use the services of a professional window company to test the reliability and operation of the windows. This is because the side casings, grids and jambs may weaken over the years. This is not only unsafe as your house becomes prone to intruders, but also allows the external elements like the wind and rain to enter the rooms.

Normally the windows of the ground floor are easy to access and hence need extra security measures. On the other hand the windows of the second floor need less, but you must not ignore them. Another good idea is to update yourself about the happenings that took place in your area.

You must also keep in mind that in most cases window locks are not good enough to prevent the entry of an expert burglar. This can be prevailed if you install keyed locks in all the sash windows. Some simple devices like the deadbolt locks and pin locks can also be used as they help to make your sashes safe and prevent the sliding parts from being pried open.

Another perfect method is to install outdoor lighting in the backyard and the front portion of your house. In case you are going out of the town, then you should lock all the windows and doors. You can also ask a friend/neighbor to watch over your house.

By following the above ideas on sash window security solutions for lower insurance costs you may be sure to reduce your insurance expenses. This is because the premium of the home insurance will be low. You can talk with your insurance agent or even find the information online without difficulty.

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