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duminică, 1 aprilie 2012

How to Get Best Small Business Logo Design Services?

How to Get Best Small Business Logo Design Services?

by Annie Qian

Are you in search of logo design companies who offering quality professional logo design services for Small Business Owners & Start-Ups? Every business man would like to have such a firm as their logo designing partner and Logo Time is an gift to their prayers.

Logo Time was established with a mission to provide start-ups and small businesses the opportunity to secure best creative logo designs, stationery design, postcard design, banner/flyer design and more at an affordable price.

Small Business Owners & Start-Ups often find it almost impossible to get designed a high quality brand identity logo at affordable price and Logo Time fulfills this specific need. Logo designs provided by Logo Time are unique, original and 100% custom to the individual client.

Below are some service elements that stand-out Logo Time from his industry competitors.

<b>Provide High Quality Designs</b>

Our designing team experts have years of proven working experience with, start-ups and early-stage businesses. Their relevant industry knowledge enables them to offer high quality business logo designs specifically for the small business community.

<b>Keep the Things Simple</b>

We don't do bamboozle practice to get you on our client list; but we sell 3 simple logo design packages to choose from. You can decide to purchase a package that meets your specific logo design requirements.

<b>Offer Transparent Services</b>

We offer nothing but transparent services. Our service costs are only those mentioned in our online packages. There is no hidden cost after you start using our services. The price that we show on our package is the only price that you pay.

<b>Few Words About Our Affordable Logo Design Packages</b>

We have an in-house squad of talented designers. They offer nothing but <a href="http://logotime.com/">custom logo designs</a>, corporate stationary, flyers and marketing materials designs completely personalized to your commercial needs.

Our professional logo design services are affordable and they include various initial logo design concepts, fixed design revisions or unlimited design revisions rounds and even free stationary design (all depend on your package selection). However we provide you different industry standard file formats for web and print use with all the packages, once a logo receives approval from you.

Visit our online <a href="http://logotime.com/">small business logo</a> portfolio to check out our work. Review
our <a href="http://logotime.com/packages.html">logo design packages</a> to see what package is suitable for your logo
requirements and within your budget.

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