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marți, 3 aprilie 2012

Using An Open Source Database For Small Business Information

Using An Open Source Database For Small Business Information

by Tessa W. Walker

The argument between using common proprietary implementations and using open source database software continues. Naturally, this brings up many concerns and problems. Businesses will need to decide for themselves what open source means for them. Why is it better, and how can they cope with problems in the model?

Open source software means explicitly that the source code of the program is available to see and read through. The code can be opened by any user, changed and deployed for use by that person. Sometimes, open source software is still protected by copyright. To the benefit of open source, it's reliable and allows the user to make his own software fixes. In reality, you're not paying for the software, you're paying for customer service for that software and that is where most open source companies make their money.

So why use an Open Source Database, if you're only paying for the support package? It seems this open source company a real competitor. These businesses will usually compete by including improved service terms and higher quality tech support as well as, lower prices to their business customers. Most proprietary companies make sales through hard sell pitches via salespersons and difficult software that requires special add-ons. If a company that worked with open source code did this, their customers would move on fast.

Another big plus of an open source database and software in general is that everyone can review the flaws in it and make improvements as needed. It is a common understanding that open source software is less buggy than proprietary software and offers fewer security flaws per line of code. This is because anyone who notices a problem or is curious can help to improve open source software. Closed source software has all the red-tape and a limited number of developers to help out with fixing bugs, in addition to having to pay for all the time spent on the software.

Many more reasons exist to use an Oracle migration for database servers. Want to know more about using an open source database and competitive support? Transition to a stable open source database today!

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