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miercuri, 23 februarie 2011

4 Extraordinary Designs For Your Personalized Golf Bag Tags

4 Extraordinary Designs For Your Personalized Golf Bag Tags
Playing golf will assuredly be right for the celebration of St. Patrick's Day. What do they have in common? Well, these two affairs fit perfectly because they can be both adopted in the name of brand promotion. Speaking of golf promotion for St. Patrick's Day, one of the best promotional freebies that any company can disperse is a promotional golf bag tag. These products might be small but it will absolutely take your brand to the next level. Although, in order to reach such peak, you should arm it with a really perfect pattern that people will love and identify with. Since it is about St. Patrick's Day, here are some green day inspired designs that you can capitalize on for your brand.
This notable plant will constantly have a place in every glorification of St. Patrick's Day. It would be one of the fit designs that you can infuse to your promotional golf bag tag. This will positively be a very powerful weapon that you can exhaust in defense of yourself from attackers during the whole glorification. More than that, a shamrock designed golf bag tag is absolutely easy to devise.
They say the if your found a rainbow, the little leprechaun will lead you to the end of it where the pot of gold lies. This is a very unprecedented design that you can incorporate to your personalized gold bag tags. You can have a smiling leprechaun or with golf club at hand. This will assuredly be a cute promotional item that you can add to your custom personalized golf package.
Pot Of Gold
Green is not just the color of the honoring; it is also represented by the color gold. You can also adopt the pot of gold as the design for your custom golf bag tag. Remember to charge it up with a hint of green on it so keep the pot green.
Green Beer
Since the celebration is celebrated with overflowing beer, you can also have a mug of green beer for your customized golf bag tags. This will undoubtedly be a fun design that can attract the attention of your targeted purchasers.

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