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miercuri, 23 februarie 2011

Master About Garry Robinson And His Work As A Recycling Guru Today

Master About Garry Robinson And His Work As A Recycling Guru Today
Recycling is important, no individual will deny it. The trash of one individual is treasure to another individual. Garry Robinson and his company Go Polymers Inc. Takes this idea and transfers it to plastic as it is a reusable source. The company collects plastic and reuses it in the future.
Plastics are always being used by businesses in different capacities. Go Polymers is dedicated to helping clients of different businesses develop efficient recycling programs that provide monetary returns for selling off their plastic. This will not only reduce the amount of plastic that is being thrown out, or increase revenue for selling plastic to be recycled, but it will reduce their environmental impact than if they were to throw it away.
Individuals are able to buy and sell plastic. Those who sell explain the type of plastic they are selling, and if recyclable, they will provide a price based on weight. They will then send a truck over to the location to pick up the plastic.
They will then sell the plastic to businesses. This keeps the cycle of plastic going. If the plastic the business needs is available, they will sell it at a certain price.
Plastic does not decompose easily. Because of this, they tend to sit in landfills. They sit in a landfill for long periods of time, and as they begin to decompose, they release gases. These gases, depending on the location of the plastic, can cause air, sea, and land pollution.
The United States is becoming more involved in clean technology, or cleantech for short. Garry Robinson has embraced the concept of cleantech and provides a positive way to recycle and reuse plastics. In part of the assistance of Go Polymers, over two billion pounds of plastic is recycled. Over one thousand businesses are now engaged in recycling their plastic. This includes contacting companies like Go Polymer in an effort to recycle plastic and not throw it away.

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