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marți, 8 februarie 2011

Business, Webhosting, And Hostgator

Business, Webhosting, And Hostgator
Everybody wants to have success on the internet. It amazes me how so many people try to get there by jumping over the basics of business. You wouldn't build a retail store over top of a sinkhole, so why would you host your website with an inadequate hosting company? Start with baby steps and the rest will fall in place.
I have been with many webhosting companies over the years; at least 30. You should take my word that not all of them are on the same level of service or quality. <a href="http://www.hostgatorcouponz.com">Hostgator</a> is by far my favorite. Beginners have it the worst because they are not able to discern the crap from the reliable stuff. That's where I come in now.
Make sure the place you do business with has a proven track record. This means they have to be reliable and have a history of showing it.
I find out a lot of information about a company before I ever purchase a single thing from them. Use the search engines; they are here for you. Read the discussion boards and forums found on the internet. If the company is somewhat popular or well known, there will always be a slew of info to read, some of it good and some of it bad. Only then can you make an informed decision about the company in question.
After I am done checking out what people have to say, I make my decision to either order from them or not. If I want to order from them based on positive feedback from others, I first have to look more closely at what they are offering. Any good webhosting plan will contain some great features, which we will go through quickly now.
The most important factor to me is how long your website stays live throughout the month. This is known as uptime. Any company that does not promise a 99% uptime should not have your business.
It has been my experience that a website should not go offline for more than 30 minutes a month. Any longer than this and your host has some issues to work out.
Following this, you should look and see what kind of disk space the hosting plan has. If you need a massive amount of room for files, you obviously want enough room to store them on the server.
The third factor you need to glance at is the bandwidth. If you are expecting a tsunami of visitors coming to your site, you are going to want and make sure that your host can handle the traffic. Generally speaking, most websites use less than 3GB of bandwidth per month, so you can use that as a rough guideline.
Finally, you should go with a hosting company that lets you create databases. A database is useful to have if you wish to add a blog to your site, or if you want to make your website a blog from the start. All sorts of information is stored within databases and they make up an important part of the e-commerce sector.
No matter what your aspirations are, nothing is going to happen in the blink of an eye. All of the success and glory that comes with an online business starts right there inside of you. The first big decision in your journey is picking the proper webhost to handle your website.

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