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marți, 8 februarie 2011

The Different Packages Of Colocation Hosting On Offer To Website Owners

The Different Packages Of Colocation Hosting On Offer To Website Owners
Colo services are currently among the preferred options. There is an increasing need to provide people with a better understanding of the options available from the rapidly growing data center industry. The colocation service requirements of each business will be unique as per its needs. For some, bandwidth is the main concern while others will have their focus more on the amount of rack space available. Though some data centers may specialize in one or two packages, a majority will offer several server collocation options.
Colocation types are usually identified as per the bandwidth options available. Among the top reasons that businesses consider when opting for server collocation are power supply and bandwidth. Bandwidth is a significant cost when running a server and especially where uptime is expected at 100%. Packaging the server collocation as per bandwidth is therefore the only logical option. Around the world, data centers will normally have four packages. The four packages are Cross Connecting, Total Transfer, Rate Limited and 95th Percentile. Each package is meant to meet the needs of a certain group of clientele that have shared requirements.
Total Transfer server collocation has no cap on the speed of data transfer. These are determined by the capacity of the port. It gives access to high amounts of bandwidth and allows for huge data transfers though only for limited periods. The amount payable for this kind of server colocation is fixed and does not vary according to usage.
Rate Limited server collocation comes with a predefined bandwidth limit. This means that your speeds will at no time exceed the threshold set by the service provider. Those who need to transfer huge volumes of data as well as those who are looking for top speeds should not go for this package. However, this option is suitable for those who are working with lower quantities of data. Budgeting is easier here because the package comes at a fixed cost.
The 95th Percentile colo packages are the most commonly available and preferred option. Similar to the Total Transfer, data speeds are limited by the port capacity. This package is aptly named after the percentage of bandwidth that is billable at the end of the month. This caters for high speed transfers for limited periods as well as higher rates of data transfer. Those in charge of finances will often find the variable billing to be quiet and inconvenience.
Cross Connecting collocation services are a preferred option among the bigger customers. A direct connection to a bandwidth provider will normally be supplied. The data center in this situation will be charging a cross connect fee to the customer. This fee is for directly connecting their servers with the bandwidth provider. The bandwidth provider then collects their money directly from the customer. The data center here is more of a facilitator.

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