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sâmbătă, 26 februarie 2011

Marketing on Twitter the Correct Way

Marketing on Twitter the Correct Way
There's some very important rules and proper etiquette to follow when marketing on Twitter.
Twitter is quickly becoming a phenomenon that's changing the world as we know it. In an instant you can tell people all over the world what you are up to. If you are watching tv, hanging with friends, traveling the world, have a business to market, or just want to be your goofy self, Twitter is the place to make yourself known to millions of people.
It's important to put yourself in your followers shoes when you are tweeting. If you come across as being too pitchy or a spammer, you will not have success marketing on Twitter. The community will shut you out very quickly.
People are being inundated with product pitches and business opportunities everyday on in the internet so it's important to be careful when promoting any type of business on Twitter. It's okay to talk about your business or product but use discretion.
When you're marketing on Twitter don't be too business orientated. Your followers will get tired of you very quickly if all you tweet is about business.
If you want to have success marketing on Twitter then make sure that you have fun and just be yourself. Also, make sure that you share funny videos, pics, and stories with your followers.
People don't care about what you're going to wear tonight or what time you're going to bed, so keep your content fresh and lively in order to keep your followers engaged.
It's okay to post this content but make sure you post more interesting Tweets as well.
Here's a couple of good guidelines to follow when marketing on Twitter. Send out 5-6 tweets a day and only send out 1 business tweet for every 3 tweets that you post. So if you send out 6 tweets a day then keep 2 of them business orientated.
Your followers will stay more engaged with what you have to say if you follow these guidelines.
Make sure you post your Twitter link on your website, blog, email signatures, and social media websites. The more places you post your twitter link, the more followers you will get. Remember that the more followers you have, the more people will see your messages.
If you don't want to get your account banned then I highly recommend avoiding automatic Twitter services that offer bulk followers and mass tweeting. There are some legitimate sites out there but avoid using them if possible.
Just Unfollow and Tweetlater are a couple of sites that I recommend using. They have proven to be legitimate sites but just use them sparingly.
The last thing that you want to have happen is to get your Twitter account banned. It's so difficult to get it back.
You can generate a lot of prospects within your niche marketing on Twitter if you follow the proper rules of engagement.
Twitter is a tremendous resource to be able to create huge amounts of traffic and leads for any niche if used properly. Just following the proper rules of engagement and you could be the next Twitter sensation. Look out Ashton Kutcher!

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