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sâmbătă, 26 februarie 2011

Selecting the Ideal Massage Table for Your Small Business

Selecting the Ideal Massage Table for Your Small Business
If you've done any shopping around for massage tables, you know how many kinds there are to choose from. They can be made from various materials, be portable or stationary, and be of varying heights and widths. If you are a professional masseuse then you will need to see yourself practicing your trade on a particular table before making a purchase to make sure that it is what you need.
Massage is getting ever more popular, and having the right table can make the experience that much more enjoyable and healing.
Massage tables, generally, come with wooden or metal frames. This is the most basic of options you will have to decide on when choosing a table. Many massage therapists, as well as their clients, prefer wood simply because it has a natural look and feel that's consistent with the holistic bent of most massage practices. Of course, there are many types and qualities of wood, and you should check what kind is used if this is the type of table you want. Maple is a good choice, as it's sturdy yet light. You can also find quality aluminum tables, but you should be careful as there are some very inexpensive models on the market that are not very sturdy and won't last long. A sturdy material that isn't all that heavy, carbon fiber is sometimes used in the manufacture of massage tables.
In contrast, portable units are really good if you desire to have the capabilities of bringing your table to a client's home. This permits you to help people that don't get away from their homes very often, for example older people or the bedridden. You can also bring a portable table to health expos or other public events where you can give massages and publicize your practice.
It's also important that you take into consideration the comfort of those who will be on the table. If your client doesn't enjoy the session and are comfortable they are not going to come back to you no matter how great you are at your job. The thickness of the foam in the table is the main ingredient. The person lying on the table will enjoy a more dense foam. So look for a high density foam that holds its shape. A good quality vinyl cover is a must. You have to keep in mind that the foam may increase the weight of your table too.
An elementary option you will have to decide on is whether the massage table will have an adjustable back rest or be flat. Being able to lift the backrest can be an advantage, though this depends on the type of massage you're practicing. You might need your client to sit up at some point during their massage. You might also find that some of your clients have a condition that requires their back to be at a particular angle. A table that has a backrest you can lift, will provide you with additional options, which is an issue you need to think about when you buy a table.
Many high quality high end tables have a type of electric or hydraulic mechanism. This makes it easy to raise or lower the table for the benefit of clients. These tables aren't cheap, but they can be useful if you have a massage therapy practice where you treat clients who may be elderly or handicapped. Clients will be more able to comfortably reach the table. Spas are popular places to find these massage tables. However, if you're on a budget you have to consider if this is something you really need. The clientele you serve may dictate the need here.
When it comes to the comfort level of a massage table, the face cradle is extremely important. Your client's face will be resting on this component and it will have a significant impact on how relaxed the person is during the session. You have to find a face cradle that fits well with your massage table. Aluminum and plastic are most commonly used to make face cradles, but they can also be made of wood or memory foam. A lot of face cradles can't be adjusted, but there are some that will allow you to move and adjust them for each of your clients. The position of the person's face and neck are crucial when it comes to massage, so you have to pay close attention to this massage table accessory.
Choosing the ideal massage table does require a bit of time and research, including looking through catalogs and checking out various sites, but it isn't hard. Things will be easier for you the more you know about what is available on the market. This article contains important information about massage tables, but you still need to look for a table that's both within your budget and fits well within your practice.
It is critical to purchase the perfect massage table because it has such an important impact on the quality of the massage a client receives. It is vital that the table you purchase is the right size, comfortable and sturdy, irrespective of whether you are on the receiving or giving end of a massage.

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