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marți, 8 februarie 2011

Preventing Scratches with Dell Venue Pro Accessories

Preventing Scratches with Dell Venue Pro Accessories
Since it comes with many innovative features the Dell Venue Pro is one of the hottest smart phones on the market. But some might argue that it's not the performance but rather the aesthetics that are the key to this device's success. Many have a point in considering that given that the smart phone has a stunning 4.1-inch AMOLED display. Also because the phone has a very attractive look and design it makes users want to keep it looking brand new. So without further ado, let's examine the accessories that are available for protecting and even fixing your smart phone.
One of the most looked into accessory for any phone is a case. They allow for personalization, are relatively inexpensive, and they provide both shock absorption and scratch resistance. The most popular style of case is the glove, which slips over the entire unit and are available with and without screen protection. Cases without screen protection allow you to choose what type of protection you use, which is especially convenient for those whose need a thicker cover, such as when using a stylus. Another option is a holster, which will also protect your phone and provide easy access to it.
When it comes to protecting your screen from scratches, a screen protector is the best investment you can make. The three common styles are screen-only, two-piece and glove. Gloves are a lot like cases except that they're clear and typically thinner than a case. They offer greater flexibility but do not offer much protection against shock. A screen-only protector is an excellent option if you want to use it in combination with a case. A two-piece screen protector will the front and the back but will leave the edges exposed. Many find these a lot easier to hold.
There are also some alternatives to cases on the market, such as skins and pouches. Skins attempt to provide the best aspects of cases and screen protectors. Skins tend to cover the full body of the phone. Pouches are a good alternative to a case if you want protection while transporting, such as keeping it in a purse or briefcase. Some pouches also have belt clips so that you can wear them like a holster case. And a high-quality pouch with padding is an excellent form of shock protection.
But what if your phone already has scratches? Well, if the scratch is on the screen and shallow, using a quality screen protector like the Skinomi Tech-Skin will often hide it. You might be surprised to hear this but toothpaste works relatively well against small scratches. If the scratch is far too deep than maybe a LCD screen cleaner might do the trick. If the scratches are on the body, then you can purchase a scratch remover pen, such as those that are available for minor automotive work.

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