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marți, 8 februarie 2011

RSS Features of the Samsung Galaxy Tab

RSS Features of the Samsung Galaxy Tab
This article will inform the reader how to receive their daily news even if they are in a hurry. Keep up with your favorite blogs and top news broadcasts around the world with Android apps. The Android market has a few RSS readers that have made it to the top of Android app user's lists.
G Reader is a reader application constructed for the Android app users. This application allows users to view all of their favorite RSS feeds. While using a protector, tap RSS feeds with the comfort of secure screen protection. The simple, fast, and intuitive gReader makes keeping up with on the minute news as easy as checking in to any other online account. The gReader also has features like full screen mode, podcasts and many sharing capabilities. If you find an interesting RSS online and do not have the time to read it, no problem. The offline reading feature allows users to read blogs and news later.
The free of cost NewsRob Android App features a Google Reader sync tool. This tool is great for downloading news and RSS articles to your mobile device. This app also includes a reader option which allows users to read offline. Other great tools that this app provides are category, page markers, and favorite selectors. However, with the paid version of NewsRob, this news reader has additional capabilities like adding side notes to articles of interest and share the article with colleagues or friends over the net.
Pulse reader is another great app that integrates the Google Reader most efficiently, helping you keep up with on the minute news wherever you are. This tool has a very unique and elegant look that will display the RSS as tiles. This feature can significantly compliment visual features of accessories. Functionality is even better with this app than most standard readers. With just a single tap on the screen surface of the screen, articles are formatted in smooth readable mobile format. You can also customize your mobile news reading experience with a local directory of news sources.
Buzz Voice is a very nice multifunctional news reader for busy Android mobile users. This app is perfect for sharing prime audio feeds with many friends online and through social networks. And if you are in the middle of other tasks and you do not want to miss the informative and pertinent news, you can just hit the pause button and come back to the cast later. The app also has a call pause feature that automatically pauses news feeds when a incoming call comes in. This app is a great way to get news without having to spend time actually reading RSS articles but still get your favorite article news in for the day.
With a case in hand, News Followers can link up to Google News and Twitter feeds. This app functions much like Google Alert but does not require an account to use it. News topics can be saved for later viewing and can be deleted whenever you want. If you become interested in the news article that you are reading, you can single tap on the news feed which will direct you to the content writer's website. This application is perfect for users who are interested in keeping up with Google News.

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