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vineri, 18 februarie 2011

Why Gamers Still Play On COD 2 game servers

Why Gamers Still Play On COD 2 game servers
There isn't a series that comes close to Call of Duty when it comes to games that have found success in the online realm of game searvers. Unsurpassed by any other series, in terms of both popularity and the gameserver technology employed in the online versions of these games are part of what make the Call of Duty series so top notch.And even though game server technology continues to improve, and there have been many further releases of the COD series, the Call of Duty 2 server still remains popular.
Even though many of the original COD 2 servers are still up, this game has caught the hearts of so many that some have gone out and purchased their own server space in order to host a COD2 server to remain up, in the even that the original servers should no longer be supported one day. Why, you are likely wondering, is this game still so popular, especially considering that there have been a number of different versions of this series that have been released?
The short answer is that the game is just plain fun.Call of Duty 2 was an incredibly well made game, something the series is known for. Setting itself apart from other versions, and making it very special to gamers, is that this was the first edition where the Special Ops mode was featured. The Special Ops mode of Call of Duty 2, being novel and addicting, are part of why the game became so popular. Being incredibly realistic, this style of first person shooting was a feature that had never been offered on a game before. Drawing many into the complex storyline, the single player mode has continued to be popular as well.
Being able to play online, in a team oriented way, is also part of the appeal of Call of Duty 2. You can create, if you own your own server hosting space, completely unique missions, which allows you to essentially create your own unique version of the game. With the ability to set parameters and make specialized rules, the server host can really change the way the game is played. So now, each time you log on, you could face a set of unique challenges and rules that will create a unique experience. Regardless of whether the host makes it easy by allowing help features, or makes it difficult by enacting a "one kill, you're out" policy, you are in for a fun and fast paced experience.
Though the game itself is not easy, the game controls are easy to learn. In order to be successful in any one of the vast array of missions one might find themselves in on this game, it requires a lot of strategizing, thinking, and communication amongst you and your teammates to really have a chance. This is the perfect game for those who want to play first person shooters but have difficulty with the complex controls required.This makes for more fun, cooperative game play that one doesn't have to have extreme dexterity to be able to participate in. The features described above about Call of Duty 2 are what have made it possible for it to maintain its level of popularity, even with new versions of the game available.

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