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luni, 14 februarie 2011

The Word, Tutor Does Not Only Pertain To A Person Who Teaches Academics

The Word, Tutor Does Not Only Pertain To A Person Who Teaches Academics
When asked to give your understanding of word tutor what would you say?. It is quite likely that you will refer to extra coaching or classes given to students privately meaning tuitions. But then does the dictionary reflect the same meaning? Need not be. It is just that normally we tend to give it this interpretation.
Tutoring refers to teaching which is not just limited to academics alone. Teaching in any subject or imparting knowledge and skill or training in music, dance, swimming, painting, driving and so on can be called tutoring. The instructor is referred to as the tutor.
There is no limit to anyone's learning anything. Whatever you can dream of, you can find a tutor who knows the subject to teach you.
The tutor is like the navigator who helps you navigate through the vast subject matter and assimilate the required knowledge. He helps you to open up your mind and thoughts to new ideas and develop expertise in the area of interest.
To be a tutor you do not have to be certified unless you want to join an academic institution as a teacher. You can be a tutor at any point of time in your life as long as you have a sufficient hold over the subject matter.
Even if you are working as a professional elsewhere but you enjoy teaching others, nothing stops you from becoming a tutor and helping other children or people. By passing on knowledge, creating interest and helping others to learn you will be contributing to your fellow beings and in turn contributing to making someone's future better.
You can take up tutoring at your own pace and at your own time. It is completely flexible and up to you to choose when and how you wish to teach. You can teach on the weekends or at nights online at your convenience.
End of the day sharing knowledge and enabling others to learn can be very fulfilling.

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