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sâmbătă, 7 ianuarie 2012

Business Books You have to Read

Business Books You have to Read

by Walton Hong

We know that the number of business books in the market is huge. How do we know which is the best from the rest? Newsweek shares their picks. Read below to find out what those are.

Initial is Paco Underhill's book What Women Want. In this book, Underhill explained that even though we live in a patriarchal society, it is truly the ladies who're controlling the spending budget. In his study, Underhill discovered out that ladies are responsible for 83% of all consumer purchases however they're nonetheless ignored by major industries. Based on Underhill, instead of creating with guys in mind, industries like that of the automotive industry should also discover to build by taking into consideration what women want and need. By doing so, they rake in much more profits because they cater to each sexes.

Subsequent is Suzanne McGee's book titled Chasing Goldman Sachs. This book discusses why investment banks continue to thrive although it's already being heavily chastised by the Feds, Securities and Exchange Commission as well as angry American taxpayers. Based on McGee, Goldman Sachs has a deep and long lasting relationship with their clients. They were incredibly loyal and persuasive that even the Lehman Brothers and Merrill Lynch produced the bet that price them everything. If you are interested with rogue traders and monetary conspiracy then this company book will definitely be a great read.

Another book from Newsweek's suggested business books is Tom Bower's Oil, Cash, Politics, and Power within the 21st Century. In this book, investigative journalist Bower discusses how the suspension on deep water oil drilling imposed by Obama reduced the rigs producing America's domestic oil therefore forcing oil companies to think about offshore locations like Brazil and he North Sea to host their operations. If you wish to know the power, cash, and politics involved in running an oil company then this book is perfect since it'll be able to show you how despite the success of oil companies, they're nonetheless extremely a lot flawed, especially with how the bosses treat employees and how the executives are so obsessed in keeping the share cost up with out minding the safety standards and maintenance fixes of the every day operations in their plantations.

Lastly, though definitely not the least suggested business book of Newsweek, is Tom Bissell's book titled Additional Lives: Why Video Games Matter. Though the video gaming business has become a billion dollar industry, it nonetheless struggles for recognition from cultural critics if it may be considered an art. In this book, Bissell shares why he thinks video games is a legitimate creative medium that need to be evaluated by its own standards and not by the standards of fiction or cinema. If you're a gamer along with a company minded individual at the same time then this book will show you what it indicates to experience art in a different non-conventional medium. Although the company books picked by Newsweek isn't textbook like, you can nonetheless learn a lot from the main players with the industries mentioned above. Simply visit the web site of Newsweek for other business books they have commended.

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