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sâmbătă, 7 ianuarie 2012

Switching The Loots Into The WoW Gold

Switching The Loots Into The WoW Gold

by Marianela Glosser

If you watched the auction house long enough then you might know that one trick is to buy low, either from vendors or right off the Auction House, and sell high. This is one of the ways to avoid forever grinding away for herbs or ores or skins or killing monsters hoping something drops. There are a number of vendors all over the world of Warcraft that sell items in limited quantity, as mentioned above, or there's only one vendor that sells it, or there's just one vendor for the item AND the item is limited (such as the throat piercer knives, from a vendor in Tranquillen.)

One example will be the Prarie Dog Whistle (to summon a Prarie Dog pet) This item is only sold from a vendor in Thunderbluff, which means that the Alliance side can't get it, unless you buy it and either mail it to your Alliance alt (if you're not on a PvP server) or that on a cross faction Auction House, such as the one in Booty Bay.

Linen cloth is used for basic 1st aid and in basic tailoring recipes, so it's in pretty high demand. it drops from any humanoid type mob (including undead) and sells wellAll the cloth types sell well. Wool cloth is a hot seller and the prices are usually pretty high. You can use WoWheadcom to look up mobs that drop wool cloth, or any cloth, and farm all of them until boredom sends you back to the battlegrounds.

Any new expansion, such as Cataclysm, will introduce new gatherables which will sell perfectly and for very high prices at the beginning. What also sells, though not so fast, are the armor and weapons with white-colored names that you'll find. Sell them on the AH too, you'll get significantly more than you will selling them to a vendor.

If you've bought up your cooking skill consider selling foods that buff your stats. Raveger dogs, for example, using their agility buffs, sell well. Certain basilisks in Terrokar forest drop Chunk o' Basilisk which cooks up into Blackened Basilist. This food adds 23 to spell damage and 20 to spirit and sells quite well for a nice price.

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