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marți, 24 ianuarie 2012

Business Quiz Book

Business Quiz Book

by Olga Wright

Let's face it, sometimes your qualifications just don't matter, a good performance at your job interview will get you the job, you answer the right question at the right time and ask the right question at the right time. Below I will show you 5 things that you can say to really impress your interviewer and they WILL help you get the job.

The author Saurabh Aggarwal claims to have included highly challenging quizzes like the above to draw the best of reasoning and logical ability out of your mental faculty. He further adds that it had been quite a fun preparing questions for this book by drawing ideas from crazy things like making a note of a hoarding across the road, from the menu card of a restaurant, or scribbling little facts from a book while browsing through at a bookshop...

I can contribute.... Do your research and mention something specific that you can help with, it can be something simple such as, I notice that your company only uses 2 layers of security software, I can integrate a third for you. These types of offers will be appreciated as well as you being specific and doing your research.

A special section for visual questions that are part of almost every business quiz these days has also been included.

When can you start? When you are asked when you are available to start, say right away, even if you are not available just say it, I like to look at my watch and say "now". Employers love this attitude, it shows that you will say yes if offered the job and are enthusiastic about starting work.

Next is my personal favorite step in the book, which is on Automation. This section is guide on how to outsource things that are unnecessary for you to be involved with. This is the major step on top of the earlier elimination step that will help you achieve freedom from you work. Tim says that this step is a critical part of the lives of the new rich. Furthermore in this section you will find steps and strategies to achieving passive income. Some of the steps include picking a profitable niche, and marketing or creating a product, along with many resources that have been used by Tim himself to help with these steps.

I guarantee that if you keep these 5 things in your mind when you go to your next networking jobs interview then you will at least be shortlisted for the job. The reason that these things work is because a lot of people are too scared or shy to actually do these things and try to pro actively beat others to the job, well guess what? it is a dog eat dog world (especially in this industry) and you won't get anywhere by being passive.

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