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marți, 24 ianuarie 2012

The Five Attributes All Upright Leaders Present

The Five Attributes All Upright Leaders Present

by Tim Bernard

Guilds, consisting of several members scattered throughout the world, are a living breathing machine. The size of a guild will vary, as will the distinct personalities beneath it. I've indulged my part of online games, both as a leader and a member, and one thing's for sure - some individuals can lead much more advantageously than others. These people may be reluctant to lead, but identifying them is important for guild progress and member recruitment. Consider someone who fits these criteria:

Humor: A person that can keep you laughing and divert your attention from problems or complications is worth having in a place of power. The kind of humor that isn't excessively goofy and hints at an underlying concern in making people glad. The focus of this aspect lies in their ability to convey their thoughts effortlessly. Sarcasm works well too, especially when used in good taste.

Availability: Being on the game is pretty important. We all have real world responsibilities, of course, but your leader should have a presence that others respect and can count on. The cruel fact is that your leader must be present to lead; if they can't log in consistently you may want to find another.

Confrontation Resolution: Far too often the internet becomes a festering sludge-hole of anonymity where players troll and squabble about petty discrepancies or disagreements. Make sure your leader can recognize and react to these types of dilemmas before the guild's respectability is compromised. On the flip side, the leader shouldn't leap at every fleck or conflicting comment that a player makes. Adults are much better equipped to deal with problems as opposed to children; I know some adults can certainly act the latter but we'll try to remain positive in this article.

Diplomacy: It's tough dealing with other guild entities, especially when they don't heed diplomacy or tactfulness. Your leader should be able to create allies with stronger guilds as opposed to creating a hostile competition. Both teams will have common goals such as wealth, status, or dominance; play off of these goals to reach a mutually beneficial relationship. There is always a advantage for both parties, simply unlock it and run with it.

Loyalty: Competition is a real stake in the heart of small guilds. Leadership's goal is to remain stoic and only promise members what it can actually deliver. Is your leader willing to spend time and money outside the game to keep players motivated? Guild managers who spend personal time and money on things like voice-chat or website hosting are basically reassuring you that they're here to stay. Would you jump ship on your friends after making promises and spending your own money to make those promises happen? Not likely.

With every generation of MMORPG player becoming more self-centered, it's difficult to find quality leadership. If theres one thing you take away from this fairly long-winded article it's that a leader should focus on building up others instead of just themselves. After all, everyone you invest time in will remember and respect you. Can you handle it?

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